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Galerie Catherine Bastide, Brussels presents GEERT GOIRIS Geert Goiris, Lair, 2010
12 March - 18 April, 2015

The most striking thing when discovering this exhibition is the diversity of the formats of the less than ten images it includes. The question that comes to mind is to figure out how this functions: are these all on the same footing? To say it differently, what status does the artist give them? Confronted to this ensemble, what position can be adopted by the viewers, what is the role assigned to their gaze? Here we are obviously far from a linear installation, where a succession of images of the same format would make sense.

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Workplace Gallery, Gateshead presents MARCUS COATES Marcus Coates, The Sounds of Others: A Biophonic Line, 2014
7 March - 18 April, 2015

The Sounds of Others, 2014 is an audiovisual installation, a comparative study of diverse animal vocalisation including humans. These sounds range from blue whale calls to insect stridulations. The voice of a species is slowed down or sped up which transforms its pitch and duration. Large custom built LED displays show the name of the animal and the changing speed of its sound.

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Robert Henry Contemporary, New York presents ROBERT STRATI Robert Strati, Fields, 2015
13 March - 19 April, 2015

Robert Strati says that he has always been interested in the reality beyond visible reality, citing his early exposure to mystical traditions and religions, in particular to Tibetan Buddhism, as the initial catalyst for that interest. Inevitably, he is enthralled by Tibetan chanting, especially the chanting of the Gyuto monks, its charged, hypnotic hum enveloping him as he worked on this project.

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Gandy gallery, Bratislava presents ZBYNEK BALADRÁN Zbynek Baladrán, SOLIDARITY, Production relations and their interconnectivity, 2014
4 March - 1 May, 2015

A piecemeal, visually-oriented study of the background and historical consequences of late capitalism, its practices and outcomes led me to create comments and references, to my own version of footnotes. In order to orient myself better in this, I employed the tried and tested procedures of modernist collage, inspired by Baroque emblems complemented with text sections. My material consisted of newspaper cuttings from the Communist daily Rudé právo(1971-1989) and the post-revolutionary liberal daily Lidovť noviny (1989-2008). On the basis of these local Czech newspaper sources mapping the demise of the two dominant ideological monsters of the 20th century, I am sketching out the coordinates of an as yet undisclosed global future.

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GREEN ON RED GALLERY, Dublin presents TOM HUNTER Tom Hunter, Inner Circle, 2013
19 February - 28 March, 2015

Tom Hunter is perhaps best known for his alluring and beautifully composed images of the marginal in society, specifically in the neighbourhood of Hackney, East London, home to the artist for the last 20-30 years. Hunterís honest depiction of life in the bars, the streets and halls of Hackney, far from being voyeuristic, reveals the drama and the dignity of ordinary lives.

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POSITIONS BERLIN Apply now for the POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair Application deadline: 24th April 2015

From September 17 to 20, 2015 the second edition of POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair will take place as a part of the Berlin Art Week. After a successful launch in 2014, we have set ourselves this year the aim to track timeliness and quality of the international art scene.

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KAIZEN - A two day workshop for artists Matt Roberts Arts, ALAS Residency Crit, 2012 Application deadline: 18th April 2015

Taking place over two days in West London, there will be a series of interactive lectires detailing appropriate formats for key documents such as Artists? CV?s and statements, followed by a series of artists presentations to benefit participants when they are choosing their work for exhibitions, studio visits, or online presentations, and to develop the way they communicate their work to others.

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Black & White Gallery / Project Space, New York presents
HENRY KHUDYAKOV Henry Khudyakov, Applications, 1985-1990 6 March - 3 May, 2015

Henry Khudyakov: Final Brain Storm is the first comprehensive solo exhibition in 25 years of this radical, Russian-American artist who has enjoyed recognition for some time but until now has exhibited relatively rarely. The exhibition title, Final Brain Storm, is drawn from the inscription on the back of one of Khudyakov’s paintings where he routinely documents his ongoing process.

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Y Gallery New York presents
MONIKA BRAVO Monika Bravo, Landscape of Belief, 2012 6 March - 3 May, 2015

Landscape of Belief is a series of five installation works that call into question how we construct our lives according to our belief systems. The viewer experiences each sculpture as animations composed of text projected and floating diaphanously in glass panels.

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narrative projects, London presents
RACHEL LOWE Rachel Lowe, Found image 28 February - 4 April, 2015

Comprising largely of collage, in different forms, this new body of work by Rachel Lowe seeks to explore our relationship with, and our increasing reliance on, representational images of all kinds. Using found images, taken from a variety of sources and times, the depicted reality of the image is, in different ways, disturbed or disrupted.

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mother’s tankstation, Dublin presents
URI ARAN Uri Aran 18 February - 28 March, 2015

Who does all this and doesn’t ask for thanks? Who is so gloriously, so powerfully happy in himself? What is his name? Ah, I know who it is. Sometimes I’d like this Kraus to punch me. But people like him, how could they punch? Kraus only wants what is right and good. That is no exaggeration at all. He never has bad intentions. His eyes are frighteningly kind. This person, what is he doing in a world that is meant and built for empty words, lies, and vanity?

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