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Anthony Shapland

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Seguridad, Single channel DVD 2009
Seguridad, Single channel DVD 2009
"Video changes real time - measured and experiential time are so very different. Boredom is tied to expectation. Boredom is fascinating – a certain state of mind related to repetition. Gertrude Stein wrote of the continuous present describing how experience and knowledge, as well as knowledge of experience and experience of knowledge, are based on endless repetition that becomes new with each return. You are offering non-hours to the viewer, giving extra time by turning your attention to it. It is as if you take up John Cage’s advice that “the world changes according to the place we place our attention. This process is addictive and energetic.” extract from: Non Hours & Boredom. In conversation with Lisa Le Feuvre, Something Of The Night, 2005
Seguridad, Single Channel DVD 2009
Seguridad, Single Channel DVD 2009
"...often these works are transitional, focussing on the point when one thing becomes another. I try to create an increased sense of being held in the unnamed part between the two, sometimes for a split second or sometimes indefinitely in spaces that are physically between the two. Perhaps it’s just that I prefer the uncertainty of these moments more than the certainty that they will pass” AS, 2009

False Dawn, Two channel DVD 2007
False Dawn, Two channel DVD 2007
False Dawn, Two channel DVD 2007
False Dawn, Two channel DVD 2007
Only Your Eyes Are Unclosed, DVD 2008
Only Your Eyes Are Unclosed, DVD 2008
"Shapland works with the thresholds of blandness and boredom. These are played out in times and spaces that are generally considered invisible or overlooked. He uses this to his advantage, playing on the expectations of his audience. The lack of apparent action forces the viewer to counter this stillness, adding their own layer of narrative....When any minor action does occur, it is amplified by the preceding expectant wait or is shockingly brutal in its directness. Nocturne (2005) is a document of the early hours after the clubs have closed, in what could be any UK city. A fixed hidden camera reveals sexual encounters, arguing couples, pissing and violence, before the seagulls and a road sweeper come by to wipe away the detritus until it all starts again the next night. A second screen transcribes the action with subtitles. Through the editing, Shapland turns this footage into drama, identifying a lead protagonist, who begins and ends each scene as they enter and leave the frame. These same events are destined to keep on repeating, night after night, turning the activities into a soap opera that never fails to keep your attention through its banality and bluntness." Gordon Dalton, Contemporary Annual - 50 emerging International Artists, February 2006

LISTE - The Young Art Fair in Basel
PREVIEW 14 June, from 1PM to 10PM
15 - 20 June, 2010
Room 3/7, booth G2 (top floor, near the bar)
Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel

Tanya Leighton Gallery

Anthony Shapland
c/o g39 Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff
CF10 1FH
United Kingdom

T: +44 0 29 2025 5541
M: +44 0 79 1057 0794

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