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Danny Wilson

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My photography juxtaposes the monumental, the mundane and the
ephemeral. The world is pictured through the lens of a camera as a way of
revealing the extraordinary within the everyday. I record these surroundings ‘my travels’ by means of a swift intervention. Cropping and framing the world I attempt to bring the viewers attention to overlooked elements of the everyday. Suburban villas with their shutters closed a missing cat poster or a rickety plant hemmed in by its pot. Fundamental questions are asked through this process and in one image, a million years of evolution appears to dislocate as a bright nylon clad tourist pauses to contemplate pheasants pecking their way through sun-baked dusty ruins.
By no means showy or stagy, either in execution or presentation the work nevertheless has its own kind of theatre. Certain kinds of props effectively influence our response to the subject. What recurs is a use of metaphor to imply psychological states. These everyday artifacts appear to be conveying something other than the original purpose intended.
A mainstay of the work involves investing the everyday with new meaning where the function of the object changes as it becomes cut off from its intended use.

Ideas around place and photography have remained a constant
throughout my practice, with the belief that sites are imbued with psychological states. My early work was focused on sites that held
strong personal meanings to me but my current work sees me traversing
the contemporary landscape searching for clues to inner states. The work has begun to encompass wider concepts aside from the personal and my own inner world. I have begun to be interested how human society co-exists with the natural world, how it asserts its own order onto the surrounding environment, and investigating how in some cases the natural world has become a constructed reality.
A recent progression has been the importance of social engagement, as a part of my practice. This has happened through my work as an artist with young people and communities.I was recently selected to work with a group of young people in the Ore Valley Housing estate on a year long project investigating the area and the changes it is
going through.
The project has provided me with intimate access to both the sites and and its residents. Whilst not creating overt documents of these experiences feed directly into my work. Increasingly it is this engagement that is informing my work and its progression, mapping out new territories for my investigations into sites and places.
United Kingdom

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