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Erica Eyres

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My videos mimic television genres such as documentaries, reality shows and family sitcoms, and feature characters that are seemingly banal, but inevitably reveal the absurdity of their lives. My father’s profession as a child psychologist impacted significantly on my work, and helped to form a basis for my interest in abnormal psychology and dysfunctional families. I seek to question disturbing behaviours, where they stem from and how they are perpetuated by day-to-day life. I aim to develop each character's persona with a sense of the uncanny so that the viewer will recognize aspects of themselves or others, thereby adding to their voyeuristic discomfort.
The Male Epidemic, video still, 2009.
The Male Epidemic, video still, 2009.
Cuddle Group, video still, 2010.
Cuddle Group, video still, 2010.
Pam's Dream, video still, 2011.

These sinister depictions are presented with a sense of dark humour, creating an intricate balance so that the viewer feels both repulsion and compassion.By employing satire, I wish to extract an awkward laughter, to explore the tensions between what is funny and what is stark and confrontational.

Over the past year, I have departed from using self- transformation in my videos and employed amateur actors. I invite the actors to bring elements of their own personalities to the roles as a way of heightening the sense of awkwardness in my work. My most recent video, Pam's Dream (a remake of an episode of Dallas with child actors) established this new body of work.

The Male Epidemic (top left) is a news broadcast that follows the progress of a fatal disease that is wipping out the world's male population. The video features interviews with "experts" and one of the last living men.

Cuddle Group (top right) documents the work of Dr. Gerry Winecott, founder of touch-based therapy Cuddle Group. The revolutionary therapy is used to treat catatonics, agoraphobics, and those suffering from fears of intimacy, slowly introducing touch by use of small animals, and eventually Dr. Winecott's own body.

Imaginary Girlfriend (bottom) is based loosely on 1980s family sitcoms, and features a boy named Steven and his imaginary girlfriend Amanda. Steven is constantly tormented by Amanda, being asked to do things that leave him in embarrassing situations. Simultaneously, the video reveals the suffocating and inappropriate relationship between Steven and his mother.
Pam's Dream (middle) is a based on an episode of the 1980s television show Dallas, and features child actors in the roles. The video is inspired by the season 8 finale of Dallas in which Pam Ewing awakes to find that all recent events, starting with the death of her husband Bobby, were merely a dream…though seemingly "so real".

Imaginary Girlfriend, video still, 2008.
Imaginary Girlfriend, video still, 2008.
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