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Florencia Reina

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For the last couple of years my work has focused on the social and economic consequences of a devastated Argentina. As an Argentine immigrant in Europe, protected under the security of the Dutch art grant system, I’ve developed two on-going projects: post-card and post-er. The first one dealing with (another) lost generation of –mainly - young professionals, emigrating to Europe or the United States in search for a better future. The last one on occupied and recovered factories in Argentina, in a context of 30% of the population unemployed and more than 50% under the poverty line.
In post-card (image1-2), 200-tourist postcards of Buenos Aires were transported to Maastricht, The Netherlands, to be re-printed: a silkscreen white layer slightly covering the photograph created a new surface to be reused. The addresses were 123 Argentineans, some still living in Buenos Aires, some of them gone, who decided to take part in the project.
The ČmigrČs were asked to use the postcard to describe the place where they reside now whereas the people in Buenos Aires had to imagine an ideal place. The intervened postcards were sent back to Maastricht to conclude the experience. A mapping of the project (image 3) was produced, visualizing the different destinations the postcards have reached and also sent to the participants as a gift. - In post-er, (image 4-5-6) I developed a series of 10 posters of empty billboards in Buenos Aires you could easily find around the city landscape after the economic collapse. I started shooting at this immense white surfaces, collecting and documenting them in all their manifestations: some of them displaying just a telephone number, others announcing they are ‘disponible’ (available), some of them completely abandoned, it's skeleton as only proof of a past existence. The series was printed with a (previously occupied now turned into a cooperative of workers) print shop in the south neighbourhood of Pompeya, one good example of the 150 companies and factories which were taken over by its workers in a desperate act to keep their jobs and thus prevent labour and social death.
The posters were later displayed in the facades of occupied and recovered factories, a way of stating who is taking that space now and why.
Ramón Freire 1215 depto1
Buenos Aires
Cdad. de Buenos Aires
South America

T: +5411 4553 9209
F: +5411
M: +5411 1567848172

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