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Heba Farid

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Amid Basalt Strategies, 2005
Amid Basalt Strategies, 2005
Heba Farid (1966, Cairo) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cairo, with a background in landscape architecture, fine arts and theory. Farid often works in an interdisciplinary style involving photography and installation. Identity and philosophical concepts connected to “land” as the territory where various idea battles are fought have been primary aspects of her work. Selected group exhibitions include IFA Gallery – Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany (2008, 2009); Nouvelles Rencontres Africaines de la Photographie 7e édition – Bamako, Mali (2007); PROGR Zentrum Fûr Kulturproduktion – Bern, Switzerland (2006); MUSAC Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon – Spain (2006); PhotoForum Pasquart – Biel, Switzerland (2002).
Cover of El Sabah magazine 1932
Cover of El Sabah magazine 1932
The Na’ima al-Misriyya Project
Farid is currently working on the multidisciplinary art/research documentation project that will produce a book, digital music archive and documentary film about this early 20th century phonograph era of Egyptian Arabic music performer.

Speaking Subject III, 2001
Speaking Subject III, 2001
Speaking Subject III, 2001
Speaking Subject III, 2001
Genius Loci 2003
Genius Loci 2003
Amid Basalt Strategies (2005-series, colour digital prints) investigates the wall and bridge, two opposite architectural forms (separating/connecting) looking at how settlements are planned and built to include/exclude populations. Amid is the ancient name for Diyarbakir, in southwestern Turkey, rich with traces of human habitation over centuries, always reacting to political forces.
“the speaking subject” Part I,II,III (1991-2002-series, silver prints) investigates landscape as choreographed storytelling. It looks to history, continually rewritten, as our understanding of Science evolves and our inter-relationship to nature/land becomes more precise. The photographs act as icons, revealing the dichotomy between science and belief systems.
genius loci (2003-series silver prints, C-prints) is an investigation from pure landscape to pure urbanscape and attempts to address theory-based concepts about land and land use and how these concepts are grafted on to sites. In Roman mythology, a genius locus was the protective spirit of a place. In contemporary usage, it usually refers to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or a sense of place.
All three series are an installation of phrases or chapters, as if one is reading a text.
Unfolding Posture, 1991-92, Canada
This work explores feminine identity as it re-defines itself, as expressed through movements of the body. The absence of gravity allows for a more unusual vocabulary of movement to develop, an expansion in language, a metaphor for overcoming restriction.
11 min. video project entitled “unfolding posture”.
Unfolding Posture 1992
Unfolding Posture 1992
Farid is also a founding boardmember of the Contemporary Image Collective - Cairo (Markaz as-Surah el-Mua'srra) an independent artist-run initiative dedicated to the Visual Image.
Middle East

M: +2010 5655005

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