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Jack Duplock

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Duplock obsessively utilises the imagery of pulp fiction and vintage pop culture incorporating them into psychedelic paintings that are heavily collaged, full of intense colour and laden with familiar references. Drawing is essential to his practice, and drawn characters, heads, toy animals, zombies and boom boxes are cut and collaged onto dense viridian landscapes, like ciphers of a parallel universe. The paintings are strewn with cues to heavy metal, 70s pop and comic strip characters and, covered in glitter and fluorescent colours they are viral amalgams of highly degenerate fantasy landscapes.

Rather than adhering to a West Coast style, which so far has been the domain of painting inspired by comic strip and pop culture, Duplock finds his own style, which is essentially British, not unlike Peter Blake who adapted American pop into his own unique painterly language. His fantasy landscapes draw on references to childhood toys and the familiar and yet they appear intensely private at the same time. Structural devices are used, such as the reflective rays of diamonds and bubbles, which cover the surface in regular patterns. His landscapes are swamp-like mazes with mysterious clues to lost mansions and unconnected zombie like figures intermingling with masked men and glamorous doyennes of the clubscene. Duplock recently showed in Mexico and his most recent work makes a nod to the seedy world of wrestling with the odd dismembered head thrown in, all flanked by sexy women in capes and sparkling sunglasses. Rather than being unsettling the works are joyously surreal and take pleasure in the stuff pulp fiction is made out of, only more loosely associated and embedded into fantasy forests.

The paintings of Jack Duplock allow the viewer to indulge in childlike fantasies whilst not being without dark humour. The mixing of techniques makes the works very desirable to touch with the glitter encrusted surfaces and the rich and fast brushstrokes mapping out wild and magical environments in lush greens. His paintings map out the maze of the psychological mindscape and his figures are often representations of the lone musician, in search of deeper inspiration. This makes his work intriguing and also poetic as well as containing tongue- in- cheek references to the artistic soul. The exhibition will feature a number of large scale paintings as well as works on paper.
Jack Duplock graduated from the RA in 2000 and has since shown internationally, a/o at Cynthia Broan and Cohan and Leslie Galleries, New York, Bloomberg Space, London and Arcuate Arte Contemporaneo, Monterey. Most recently he was included in Soul Stripper at Projet Midi Brussels, with a/o Bas de Wit, Andrew Mania and Thomas Raats. Hehas previously been selected both for the John Moores Painting Prize as well as the New Contemporaries.

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