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Jennifer Lovemore-Reed

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The main focus of my work at the moment is on the body, as the ‘shared property’ in a relationship. I use photography and my own body to produce most of these pieces. To construct ‘What’s mine is yours’ many photographs were taken, each of a different section of my body. Every photograph was then placed in its own individual box, and the boxes placed together to make up the whole. The body has therefore gone through a process of being ‘broken into pieces’ and ‘re-assembled’. This artwork was designed to lie on the floor, so that viewers would have to look down at it, thus emphasizing the vulnerability of the figure. The work touches on issues related to the abuse of women in S.A. (and elsewhere) and the complexity of identity and self.
I also work with an experimental process that I like to call ‘light painting’. The complete image is formed during a long exposure, and there is no post-exposure manipulation. I have used this process for a series in which I am both the photographer and the subject (in the position of power as well as vulnerability). I often appear more than once in a ‘light painting’ photograph and take
on many different roles in the images created. It is a personal journey of self-exploration that has become public. - In the mixed-media, sculptural piece ‘7 + 7 + 7 Deadly Sins’ the ‘sins’ (of the facetious title) relate to life in the suburbs in South Africa. There are three separate sections, one is male (‘Wiki Dreamer’), one is female (‘South African Beauty’) and there is a section that incorporates both (‘Southern, Suburban Sosaties’). Some of the specified ‘sins’ (found on the work) are: materialism, mediocrity, apathy, regret, egotism, pessimism, fear, violence, revenge, compulsive obsession, vanity, lechery, idolatry and television. This piece is intended to invoke humor without taking anything away from its serious issues. - In ‘These Precious Things (between you and me)’, I have used my own body hair and my husband’s head hair to create the piece. Eight stretched canvases fit together to form one work. Pinned onto the four long narrow canvases are rows of ‘wax strips’. All the hairs caught in the wax on these strips are from my body. Some of the most significant body areas from which these hairs were pulled are also represented in the images sewn onto the four smaller canvases.
The hair used to stitch the images onto these canvases was taken from my husband. - Issues such as male / female expectations, stereotypes, abuse, obsessions and identity are touched on in all of these works.
IMAGE DESCRIPTION : 1. - All About Eve, I – Detail from photographic series. 2 and 4 - What’s mine is yours, - details of photographs in plastic boxes on mounting base, 182cm (l) x 68cm (w) x 10cm (d). 3 - These Precious Things (between you and me) – Detail. Human hair, wax, canvas (123cm (l) x 118cm (w) x 3cm (d). 5 - (Arrogant) Angel – from the ‘Light Painting’ series. 6 - 7+7+7 Deadly Sins (Part III) – South African Beauty. Bronze, enamel paint, plastic, found objects, fabric, ribbon, wood, lead and T.V. tray. 182 cm (l) x 68cm (w) x 86cm (h).
Jennifer Lovemore-Reed
P. O. Box 675
Simonstown, 7995.
Cape Town
South Africa
South Africa

T: +27 21 782 4436
F: +27
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