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Julie Dermansky

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Above imade - Coffee and Meet, collage,
Above imade - Coffee and Meet, collage,
Julie was born 4/28/66 in NYC. She grew up in Englewood NJ, a short distance from the city. From an early age she started creating things and simply never stopped. The Cloisters was her favorite place to visit, Medieval art remaining a strong influence for her. Ceramics was the first medium she learned to work with, excelling at after school pottery lessons. She had her first welding lesson at the age of 12 at summer camp. After High School she went on to get a degree at Tulane/Newcomb college with a concentration on both ceramics and sculpture. While a student she started exhibiting her work professionally. She was awarded a Watson Fellowship, enabling her to travel abroad for a year to experience monumental and architectural scaled sculpture first hand.

Roast Pig and Christ Cocktail,collage
Roast Pig and Christ Cocktail,collage
Upon return she spent a year in NYC working in the East village at the The Gas Station, a now defunct artist coop welding/performance space, before heading west for grad school. She went to Arizona State University in Tempe. Her time there was short lived. She retired from student-hood and returned to NYC to make a go at it. In 1991 she opened JSD studio, a store front studio that functioned as studio, private gallery and home. She continued to show her work in art galleries, including both her painting and photography. She also began a line of craft that she markets through outlets such as the American Craft Museum and the The Boston Fine Arts Museum. The line which includes furniture, candleholders, and garden sculptures (her signature garden stakes). Her work has been featured in numerous publications including the New York Times, Elle Decor, Country Living, New York Magazine and more. She does both private and public commissions. Two large scale pieces in NYC are a 100 foot decorative fence on East 12th made for El Sol Brilliante Garden, and over 5000sq feet of decorative wall panels in the lobby of Red Square apartment complex on East Houston St.

Julie's first public art projects for New York City's Percent for the Arts project were finished shortly there after. At the end of 1997, she closed JSD studio and relocated to Deposit NY, trading city life for a huge work space and stream. After the last six years of country life and home ownership, Julie is on the move once more. For sometime she won't have a fixed address but you can still reach her through this site by e-mailing her.
Thanksgiving Hunt, collage
Thanksgiving Hunt, collage

Julie Dermansky
300 Katherine St
N.J. , 07631
New York, NY
New York
North America


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