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Kristiina Wilson

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NORTH OF NO SOUTH is a work in progress composed of 40x50cm black and white images taken during my daily life and travels around Scandinavia. The images compose a photographic document of both physical and emotional states of being during the journeys, dealing with feelings of solitude and a sense of being lost in a foreign land. It is the idea and experience of travel, of existing as an outsider in a foreign situation that inspires the work.
I don't know if I think of myself as an artist. I definitely don't consider myself a photographer. I make images simply because that's what I do, what I need to do. Perhaps I make photographs because I don't paint, I don't compose music and I don't write poems. Photography is my form of emotional communication, a way for me to hash out my feelings without all the clumsiness of words and literal meanings. Through photography, I can explore my own emotional state, figure out how and what I am thinking, and find out how I feel about things in a non-verbal way. I am often surprised by my images, by the view of life that they depict ­ it's like looking at the work of a stranger, at pieces of myself that I did not know exist. - Generally I do not work with a pre-formed concept of purpose or result, but instead with a simple point and click, with intuition. I go out and shoot and hope to salvage something from the contacts later. And somehow, magically, this method seems to work.
I am constantly amazed by this editing process, by the experience of recognizing an emotion in grains of silver gelatin that somehow stand out from all the rest. Somehow, a particular frame on a contact sheet says something I didn't even know I wanted to say, something that perhaps I wasn't even aware of before I recognized it.
Kristiina Wilson
New York, NY
New York
North America

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