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Laura White

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Loving all my Life. Car, clay, expanding foam, wood and tin foil. 2011. Aid&Abet, Cambridge, UK.<br/> Loving all my Life. Car, clay, expanding foam, wood and tin foil. 2011. Aid&Abet, Cambridge, UK.
  1. Loving all my Life. Car, clay, expanding foam, wood and tin foil. 2011. Aid&Abet, Cambridge, UK.
  2. That’s what you do. 2010 Mixed media.
    Collyer Bristow Gallery, London. UK.
  3. For Living, for loving, for loathing, Room 1. 2011.
    Materials include unfired clay, tinfoil, paper napkins, expanding foam and gold spray.
    POLLEN, Monflanquin, France.
  4. For Living, for loving, for loathing, Room 2. 2011.
    123 Photographs each 21 x 29cm. Objects mixed media.
    POLLEN, Monflanquin, France.
  5. For Living, for loving, for loathing, Room 2. 2011.
    123 Photographs each 21 x 29cm. Objects mixed media. POLLEN, Monflanquin, France.
  6. Anxious Glory. Second Collection. Object No 2. 2011.
    Tin foil and readymade furniture. 270 x 180 x 60cm.
    Angus-Hughes Gallery, London. UK.
  7. Scratching walls and sticky décor. 2009.
    Mixed media and existing architecture and furniture.
    The Wall House #2, The Netherlands.
  8. Bring home the bacon 2007/08
    Video projection onto mixed media. Includes billboard posters and plastic objects. 560 x 280 x 280cm
    Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK.
  9. The Shapes Game: its hard to take your eyes off it... 2012. Mixed media. Carter Presents. London. UK.
    (Installation detail.)
  10. You Can Share the Wonder 1-8 – Cowboy Style. 2013. Each 21 x 30 cm. Graphite on paper. Marlborough Contemporary, London,
  11. Blue Nude. 2012. Plastic. 44 x 16 x 14cm.
  12. The Esque Collection. 2012. Mixed media.
    SINOPTICON, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. UK.
  13. Entanglement 2014. Graphite on paper and mixed media. Brussels Art Fair, Marlborough Contemporary.
    London, UK.
  14. Entanglement 2014. Graphite on paper.
  15. We Can Have It All. 2012. 1-25. Mixed media. Spacex, Exeter, UK.
  16. Because you're worth it. 2013. 54 A4 (21 x 30 cm) Graphite on paper. Wall mounted with white drawing pins. Installation:
    450 x 100cm. Kling&Bang, Reykjavik, Iceland.
  17. The MALAHITE Room. 2013. Mixed media. Works by Laura White and from the collection of Huc Malla and Josep Malla. GALERÍA
    CADAQUÉS, Spain.
  18. You Can Share the Wonder 1-8. 2013. Mixed media. Marlborough Contemporary, London, UK.
  19. We Can Have It All. 2012. 26-28. Mounted Prints. Spacex, Exeter, UK.
  20. Space Frame. 2013. Mixed media. 56 x 40 x 196cm. Marlborough Contemporary, London, UK.
Exploring the language of sculpture Laura White uses a range of materials from everyday objects to constructed matter to build sculptures and installations, extending her ideas also into drawings and photography. She is interested in our relationship and negotiation with the ‘stuff’ of the world, from the readymade to the handmade, image to objects, the representational to the abstract, playing with ideas of value, profile, association and meaning of individual and collections of objects. These objects/arrangements occupy a fluid space, on one hand demanding critical discourse, and on the other its own ambiguous and intuitive logic.
Laura has an ongoing fascination into the objects she comes across everyday in her life, and her relationship to this stuff, both physically and intellectually. From objects found in bricolage and craft shops to religious objects and relics in churches and museums. Her interest into these objects is investigative and anthropological, and also one that negotiates aesthetic judgement and taste.
Thinking about the objects one acquires, makes, borrows and exchanges during ones lives, Laura is interested in ideas and questions around their relational placement and display, where an object can be just as much a decoration, ornament or centrepiece as it is an artwork/sculpture. She is interested in how we relate to objects/matter/things through a haptic experience and by means of direct handling and touch. The works she produce usually start from an everyday object/s which are then transformed though revealing or disguise, so that on one hand they appear familiar, but equally strange and anomalous like prototypes or hybrids. We are encouraged to question our own taste and the value we give to these objects, and our relationship to them, both physically and cognitively, pointing us right back out into the consumerist world where the strangeness is not so much in Laura’s artworks but the objects we come across everyday in our lives.

Laura White’s recent solo exhibitions include: 2013 The MALAHITE Room. Gallery Cadaqués, Cadaqués, Spain, 2012/13 We Can Have It All. SPACEX, Exeter, UK, 2011 For living, for loving, for loathing. POLLEN, Monflanquin, France. 2010/11 Anxious Glory. Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2009 Chromodomo: Scratching Walls and Sticky Décor. The Wall House #2, Groningen, Netherlands, If I had a monkey I wouldn’t need a TV – Part 2. Carter Presents, London (exhibition and book launch. Pub. Laura White: The Stuff of Images.) 2008/09 If I had a monkey I wouldn’t need a TV. Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.
Group exhibitions include: 2014 Art Brussels. 25-27 April, Marlborough Contemporary, London. 2013, More Than I Dare to Think About: works with paper. Marlborough Contemporary, London. Curated by Prof Andrew Renton. London Utd. King&Bang, Reykjavik, Iceland. Artists: Dominic from Luton, Laura White, Mark Titchner, Gavin Turk and Peter Lamb. Couriers of Taste: Contemporary artists explore consumerism and trade. Part of the Sinopticon Project. Danson House, London. Cowboy Style. Marlborough Contemporary, London. Artists: Werner Büttner, Psychoanal YSL, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Pamela Golden, Laura White. Curated by Prof Andrew Renton.

Laura White graduated from Goldsmiths College, London with a M.A. in Fine Art in 2004. Currently she is a Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths College on the Undergraduate Fine Art programme.

Laura White
Cubitt Studios and Gallery
8 Angel Mews
N1 9HH
United Kingdom

M: +44 7768017932

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