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Rafael Reveron Pojan

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DREAM, IMAGINATION AND REALITY.... Our universe is inhabited by an infinite variety of objects that are the result of the imagination; they move between dreams and realities. My aim is to liberate the inanimate objects. Imagine a world as a big dream; our imagination will be our first tool in the understanding of this universe. A world inhabited by objects, toys and dolls, all these animated by a beautiful and magical force. I am looking to solve the enigma of my childhood; perhaps even the ancient mystery of the human animal soul which has a strange desire to create objects, machines and a parallel world that functions as the extensions of that animal body where humans rested.
My work is focused on the study of the relationship between animate and in-animate objects and how these are created for a functional or spiritual use and connected to human animals. My investigation has created a structure in order to define, to appreciate and to evaluate the universe that surround us; four categories conform this system: The Universe of living animate objects, The Universe of non-living in-animate objects, The Universe
of non-living in-animate objects, The Universe of living animate objects in process of in-animation and The Universe of non-living inanimate objects in process of animation. These categories are in a cyclical system; each category is involved in a metamorphic process and is moving away from their original state. Therefore the function of the movement is essential element that connects all the universe levels. My principal interest is to develop the relationship between the objects and the desires, demands, and necessities of the human animal, in order to transgress and transform completely their original form and appearance __MODELS FOR THE LIBERATION OF IN-ANIMATE OBJECTS.__My investigation has taken as its main subject of study a series of paradigmatic objects and machines that have a strong connection to the notion of ‘movement’ within human animal behaviour. Transforming those objects and machines into a possible living animate objects, I am attempting to modify the normal relationships between subjects and objects, ‘if the object would be transformed into a subject, then the subject would be modified being transformed into a new object’, this could be the main hypothesis in my ‘Models for Liberation of Inanimate Object’
We are looking for a catalyst, an accident to accelerate the process of our principal aim: the liberation of those objects trapped in the human animal reality, the liberation of the object from its slavery system and the serviceable condition where it lives nowadays. Rafael Reveron-Pojan, London, June 2001.
South America


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