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Rebecca Major

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One Person Couple series
One Person Couple series
Working in multiple formats where the underlying themes deal with the power of storytelling myths and experience, Rebecca Major’s work has been involved in developing atmospheres and glimpses into past eras, and specifically in the retelling of women’s histories as told through daily moments and in forms of personal histories. The formation of characters, figures and roles through costumes, pose and sets are the result of deliberate processes, but which retain a playful quality; bringing to mind child's play and the experimentation of assuming characters. The viewer tries on these different roles, shifting between role and reality. Experiences of theater come to mind where manufactured and unreal spaces and situations are constructed

Alternate worlds are formed through which issues of gender and histories can be examined. Site specific city locations as places within which to stage the work are used; Ellis Island, the New York City Public Library, The Museum of Natural History, The Transit Museum, The Schwartz Chemical Factory Queens, etc. - In 2003 she was the recipient of a residency program from the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary art in Budapest, creating a solo-exhibition installation entitled ‘Lost gloves of New York City’ for the museum's ‘Urban Landscapes: Platforms of Desire’series . The installation incorporated 250 photographs of individually observed gloves findings from city streets, a video component and a recorded sound-scape. A portion of contributed written essays and poems contributed by the spectators were recited onto audio track and played back in the gallery creating an auditory-layered patchwork of singular and personal interludes. The gloves contain symbolic resonance and energy where the gestural component of the glove becomes an identifier between person and object. The exhibition culminated in an evening of performance events that was part of the Budapesti Oszi Fesztival (Budapest Fall Festival) programming.

In 2004 she finished a short narrative film project entitled ‘Long Distance‘, which screened at the National Hungarian Film Festival and at the Anthology Film Archives in New York . - Born in Budapest Hungary, Rebecca Major was raised in New York City, where she currently lives. She received a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute in 1994. In 2001 she had a solo exhibition at the Mai Mano House of Hungarian photography in Budapest, and has participated in numerous group shows in New York. - - - - IMAGE LIST - top two images ; Mall Girls (series of two photos), photo and video, 2003. Left two image; Women Traveling Series (series of two photos), photo 2001. Bottom right image; New York City Glove, photo 2003 (from a series of 250 images).

Rebecca Major
New York, NY
New York
North America

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