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Sherry Mayo

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These works cross the boundaries between media, and are the result of virtual trips via the usage of digital imaging. Their aesthetic reflects our digital society wherein people maintain extremely intimate relationships with their computers. Selected colors, forms and spaces refer to the pixelization of our daily experience. The relationship of these virtual spaces to the mass audience is the cause of millennium torque. Some have maintained that isolationism due to technology has left many of us stranded aliens without a planet. This poses the question; what of the body that dangles below cyberspace? The interface of the body with artificial interfaces is the new frontier. Outer space and inner spaces now collide without distinct boundaries.
The transmission of electrons over fiberoptic cabling forms our global consciousness. The Warholian cool distance of remote control and the ability to remain in an altered state of consciousness are the residual effects of virtual reality. Suddenly, it is apparent that we are all others among one another, and it is this alienated otherness that allows for the atomization of the universe.
We construct artifice for interface, and simulacra has become more familiar than the real. - Cosmoscapes oscillate between the macroscopic interstellar and the microscopic interstitial spaces of the cosmos and within the body. Their methods of creation blur boundaries and yield mutations. They are a trip to an elsewhere that amplifies the expanded parameters of our techno-colored world through visual objects. These works are sometimes fugitive and ephemeral taking the form of experimental digital video, installation, web site projects or are documented through other media such as digital prints. All of these works serve one project that is focused on the intersection of the image and its representation in digital culture. Our new landscape has been redefined, expanded and distorted by our shifted perception due to postmodern precepts enabled by digital technology’s intervention in image making.
S.Mayo is an artist/visual arts researcher whose studio practice and critical writings examine perceptual shifts in how we envision bodily interfaces with artificial environments. As these perceptions form our critical consciousness of digital cultural and of our social interactions, her inquiries seek to extend cross-disciplinary dialogues through artistic expression.
As both a creator and a theorist, Mayo has a public profile. She recently participated in a panel ‘Painting in the Age of Digital Manipulation’ at Artist Space, New York. Her work has appeared in ‘AIM VI: Interface Patterns,’ Art in Motion Festival, Armory Gallery, Pasadena, CA; ‘Parallel World of Sensation.‘ Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn; ‘Reactions,’ Exit Art, New York; the ‘Light Plays Tricks’ film festival, Kingston, Ontario; and the featured artist in the Sony Wega ‘Escape’ exhibition in New York and Chicago.
Sherry Mayo
New York, NY
New York
North America

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