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Williams Coronado

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My work explores physiological and psychological states of awareness using the human body as a vessel for investigation. I use the human body not for its representational qualities but for its ability to evoke philosophical and psychological questions about our existence. Most of our realizations about the world manifest themselves as a result of our awareness that we, as a species, exist. We are constantly evaluating the things around us in relationship to our subjective existence. This is made possible by our senses and perhaps by our understanding, on a subconscious and biological level, of the very systems that allow us to be. All the information which gets processed by the senses is filtered by our conscious and subconscious assumptions of the world. The questions are, do we and how do we, have an intrinsic understanding about all things which exist outside of the limits of our own subjectivity? Are the answers encoded within our very own biological make up; the systems and the inner workings of the body itself? It has always intrigued me how biological systems and sociological systems have similar structures to the extremes that sociological systems seem like blueprints of our biological systems. The human body in its totality is a receptacle for knowledge that can reveal or give insight to the basic structure of all the diverse systems both organic and inorganic. The body is the metaphor of all things which are metaphysical and unexplainable. The body in its totality will only seize to perplex us when humanity achieves the unthinkable and perhaps the unachievable of answering all the questions regarding human existence. It is of no wonder why the human form, as an image or representation of the body itself, still fancies our imagination and intellect. The image of the “human body” is a symbol and metaphor for all that is human in nature and humanly created or produced, such as, ideas, systems, inventions, philosophies, artworks, technologies, etc. It is worth clarifying that since the advancement in optics the conception of the human body has extended itself to the cellular level. Thus, when we see an image of cells, DNA, or any biological representation, we recognize it as being particularly human. Such images resonate within our mind in the same manner as the traditional view of the body. If there is any such thing or idea as truth it is embedded within the human body. We are complex in every way imaginable. Our actions and the systems we create are a testament to our complexity as a species.

Williams Coronado
New Jersey
New York, NY
New York
North America

M: 718 5518593

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Williams Coronado
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