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Marcel van Eeden

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Marcel van Eeden,
Is Grunewald still modern?

September 17 – October 10, 2009

Mireille Mosler, Ltd. is pleased to announce the first New York gallery exhibition of Marcel van Eeden. Is Grunewald still modern? features an installation of new drawings and wall painting.

Born in 1965 in the Netherlands, Marcel van Eeden, explores the world before his own existence by creating predominately black and white drawings after images from magazines and newspapers that predate his birth. Many drawings are also accompanied by texts, which are more or less separate from the images but inform them nevertheless. Van Eeden, as a conceptual draughtsman, often works in large series in which he follows his protagonists, such as K.M. Wiegand, Celia Coplestone and Matheus Boryna. Art itself is often the subject of the drawings.

For Is Grunewald still modern? Van Eeden turns to Modernism, since New York played such an important role in this movement in the 1950s. Fascinated by the seriousness with which terms as ‘free expression’ used to describe Abstract Expressionism at the time, Van Eeden conjures his own pairings. The title of the exhibition comes from a German article, “Ist Grünewald noch modern?” by Adolf Behne, first published in 1930 in Berlin. In this polemic, Behne criticizes the lack of any painting by the fifteenth century painter Matthias Grünewald in Berlin’s public collections and points out why this old master still matters. Van Eeden shows details of what are possibly Grünewald reproductions, combined with texts that are seemingly unrelated as well as simple titles like Modernism and Meaning in Modern Art. Other drawings depict funny illustrations from the 1950s, while maintaining similar subtitles.

Marcel van Eeden has shown extensively in Europe and is represented by Galerie Zink in Germany. Van Eeden currently has a solo show at the Kunsthalle in Hamburg and his drawings are included in Compass in Hand, the drawing show at MoMA and Towing the Line, Drawing Space: 40 Contemporary Dutch Artists Defining the Moment in Holland at White Box. The exhibition coincides with the publication of Marcel van Eeden. Wird die moderne Kunst ‘gemanagt”? Zeichnungen und Malerei 1992-2009, a publication with 500 drawings, articles and an interview by Arnon Grunberg published by Dumont.

Is Grunewald still modern? will be on view at Mireille Mosler Ltd., 35 East 67th Street. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. For more information, please contact the gallery at (212) 249-4195 or info @

Marcel van Eeden
Den Haag


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