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Naz Shahrokh

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1. Rhali, 2005
Collected petals and leaves in plastic bags
11 ft x 8 ft (335cm x 243 cm)
Installation at Dashur, Egypt
2. Stairway, 2005
Collected stems and fishing line
17 ft x approx.1-26 inches (518 cm x 2.5-66 cm)
Installation at Dashur, Egypt
3. Suitcase for Rome (Thus Spoke Zarathustra), 2004
Collected and assembled materials
24 inches x 29 inches x 16 inches (60 cm x 73 cm x 40 cm)
4. For Khale, 2006
Book, stems, paper (Egyptian Pound currency), and thread
10 inches x 1 ½ inches x 23 inches (25 cm x 2 cm x 58 cm)
Alexandria Library, Alexandria, Egypt
5. 22.1 (Homage to Dahi and Beuys), 1995-2000
Found and collected materials in glass jars, folded linen shirts and silver spoon in suitcase 24 inches x 29 inches x 16 inches (60 cm x 73 cm x 40 cm)

Landscape and nature act as important sources of inspiration throughout my work. I strive to reference a harmonious meditative visual experience. Along with the use of detritus often, either synthetic or organic or the mélange of the two, I attempt to transform the typically disregarded and commonplace materials into something less ordinary. I am drawn to the tactile process of assembling, collecting, giving new meaning to materials. The process of creating order out of chaos is a meditation and process that is deeply meaningful.

As often as possible, I strive to find a connection in my studio practice that is significant in conjunction to society, the individual, personal experiences, and like a narrator or a poet, through the use of collecting objects or images, like words, I assemble visual narratives.

6. Artist Palette 1.A, 1999-2001
Collected earth pigments, glass jars, rocks, stems, metal brush, paint tube and feather in metal paint container
12 inches x 11 ½ inches x ¾ inches (30 cm x 29 cm x 10 cm)

Naz Shahrokh
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Middle East

T: 971
F: 971
M: 971

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