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Richard Denyer 1950 - 2015

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Sadly, Richard Denyer died on 14th December 2015.

The exhibition 'Affinity and Kindred' had opened with great success and acclaim on the previous Saturday at Norwich Cathedral.

Richard was particularly proud of the exhibition and his book of the same name, for him it was the culmination of his most important project to date. Please view the project website here.

Richard's re-title profile is kept in his own words.

Please contact Caroline Denyer at for any further information or requests.

PRIX PICTET NOMINATION (first ten pictures)

I used to go to the wrestling in Norwich. It had been kicked out to the cattle market on the edge of town so as not to offend civic sensibilities and to make room for more retail space. At quiet moments during the bouts you could hear cows mooing in the next shed, which seemed to be an appropriate backing track for the contestant’s grunts and groans. The old outdoor cattle market was right next to Norwich Castle and is now a shopping mall, so still a market of sorts. Now the wrestling has gone too but cattle and sheep, rabbits and hens are still auctioned at the old venue down Hall Road every couple of weeks.

It’s a lively scene for two or three hours on a Saturday morning. The countryside invades the Norwich suburb with a noisy procession of farmers with business to attend to and punters with cash to spend. Plenty of cash changes hands, there are stories of Norfolk estate reps who buy everything and pay at the end with folding money.

The market is an anachronism really, a vestige of medieval city life which is bound to disappear soon as estates of new homes and supermarkets push the countryside back. Already to get to the cattle pens and the parade ring, lorries and trucks have to work their way through queues of shiny SUVs spilling out of the giant DIY store car park next door.

I’m aware that pictures I’ve taken at the market will very soon be documents of history like those of the wrestlers and their audiences I made there thirty years ago. It’s more than likely that the products of the animals in these pictures will end up on the shelves of the inevitable supermarket that will replace the market buildings, and the cattle, once driven en masse to sell in the city centre will disappear from Norwich for ever.

I remain ambivalent about the status and conditions of the animals. They are bred for breeding and have been for generations. Their ultimate destination may be the dining table but in the meantime I think they are well looked after and the seeming discomfort of the cages and parade ring is temporary and not cruel. By contrast I hate seeing domestic pets tethered or in cages or kept indoors. I want the meat that I eat to have had some measure of freedom during its circumscribed and protected life.

Richard Denyer
United Kingdom

T: +44 01603 872254

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