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Tessa Garland

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I am a London based artist who trained as a sculptor but now show my work in a variety of media but predominantly in moving image.Using cinematic language I create real and part fictional places, often piecing together recorded footage of journeys through spaces that evoke anxiety or the ever present threat of disaster.

Scale models are often used; in my most recent work Above the Skyline a model has been painstakingly built in miniature and presents a deserted stage set that is strewn with detritus; objects both collected and thrown away that depict a chaotic disordered place perhaps set in the future. The work is in two parts; a three dimensional landscape centred around a simple dwelling constructed from found materials and a video that uses the miniature model as a stage set. The physical model contextualizes the work and gives the viewer closer rendered details of the inhabitant’s life that appear to be verging on feral. The accompanying video takes us on a more intimate journey as though we are visitors surveying the hidden interior of the shed. In it the profile of an absent person is conjured up, he/she is obsessed with accumulating thoughts, objects and memories. From the detritus collected and the isolation of the hut there is a suggestion of an apocalyptic happening outside and of the inhabitant’s disconnection from the normal world. Pictures of people, perhaps family and friends clutter the walls of the ramshackle space, but in amongst these are images of satellite discs and flickering video images of the world outside. Such images force us beyond this miniature claustrophobic interior to a larger world. This play of scale and illusion are important parts of the work.

Studio lighting plays a particular role in recent video works and attempts to replicate twilight. Not only does the low glowing light allow me to play with the model and help create the illusion of scale but it also evokes a magical transformative place from somewhere ordinary to somewhere otherworldly and of in-between-ness.

Journey and movement characterise much of my work. Soundscapes aid this movement between arrival and departure and helps draw the camera through the constructed spaces.

The soundscapes that accompany the videos are multi layered and collaged together using collected audio from an eclectic number of sources including films and the web. The sounds are collaged together to create atmosphere and suspense. B Movies and early science fiction films that play with notions of the everyday and of collective fear have a constant influence.

 My work has been shownat the ICA ,Whitechapel Art Gallery, Ikon Art Gallery, Spacex Gallery, Les Inattendus Lyons, MACVAL Contemporary Art Musuemand Rencontres International Paris, France. I am the co-curator and organiser for the international moving image event ‘Visions in the Nunnery’, The Nunnery Gallery, London. I have been in receipt of numerous arts grants and awards both to develop my practice and to curate and organise exhibitions and events across the UK.

Tessa Garland
12 Mornington Road
E11 3BE
United Kingdom

T: +44 2089235756
M: +44 7749848436

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