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My works are heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian art. From the fiasco that decorates the temples of Re to the mummy portrait of roman Egypt, producing art is a set of rituals for them; results are less important than practices. And I regard my creation in the same way.In my works, I want to illustrate the distance between our perceptions of this world and how the physical world really is. I use very vivid colors and very formalized posts to express my anxiety, the unnatural filling, that I experience every day when I walk in a city completely built with artificial forms, geometric lines and synthetic colors. So I use the same forms and the same colors in my works. But the subject,I am really interested in, is the human, the nature, and anything that is organic, and non-geometric.Some people may thinks that my works are unnatural and even frightening, which is true on a certain level. B, but, on the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view, I always try to create harmony in my paintings, from the colors that I choose, to their compositions of my paintings. So I believe that my works are beautiful, and that's enough for something to be h to considered something as a work of art. Viewers don't need to know about the entire history of visual art andor to being an experts in anthropology to really understand my work. My language is simple, explicit, and universal.In my mind, our modern urban lifestyle is simply too artificial. Our mind is only perfectly adapted to primitive tribal life. Sometimes, we experience stress for pointless issues and think it will be the end of the world. It’s the proof, that our mind still works like the one of our primitive ancestors. I studied theology in China, and, to me, an artist should work like a
prophet does. The starting point of their work should be a revelation of some kind, something organic, irrational, and spontaneous. Then, they should use the most common language to express their vision. For me, this language is facial expression s. When we try to interpret them , we use the most primitive part of our brain. And this ability to interpretdo facial expressions is among the first abilities that children learn in their earliest development. That’s how important it is for us.In antiquity, when we produced a portrait, was often for worshiping and admiratione. When we worship an icon, our mind returns to its primitive settings, we become seren and isolated from any anxiety. My portrait is a mixture of both these elements,: the anxiety that modern life causes, and the serenity of having a refuge, which we can find in religion, and in formalism.

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