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Exeter Phoenix presents
Rachel Busby & David Webb
Rachel Busby, Every day is a different day (III), 2014 18 July - 30 August 2014

Exeter Phoenix is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Rachel Busby and David Webb, who each make work grounded in memory, nostalgia and a sense of place; each in their own way, appearing to weave a tentative path that fluctuates between representation and abstraction.

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Luis Adelantado, Valencia presents
XVI CALL Alberto Salv&aacuute;n, Places#56 (Series Façades). 2014 10 July - 12 September 2014

Ana Barriga (ES), Pablo Bellot (ES), Leonora Bisagno (CH), Arturo Comas (ES), Antonio de la Rosa (MX), Diego Delas (ES), Tamara Feijoo (ES), Inma Femenía/ Andrés Wittke (ES), Muriel Gallardo (CL), Ben Gavin (AU), Ferrán Gisbert (ES), Niklaus Manuel Güdel (CH), Clarence Guéna (FR), Ana H Del Amo (ES), Alex Marco (ES), Miguel Marina (ES), Simon Ripoll-Hurier (FR), Filipa Roque (P), Milena Rossignoli (EC), Gema Rupérez (ES), Alberto Salván (ES), Ismael Teira (ES), Pedro Torres (BR), Ernesto Walker (MX)

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ARRATIA BEER, Berlin presents
The pursuit of public happiness? Carlos Amorales, Supprimer, Modifier et Preserver, 2012 8 July - 2 August 2014

Carlos Amorales, Michael Baers, Jeremiah Day, Annika Eriksson, Peter Friedl, Iman Issa, and Martha Rosler
curated by Christine Würmell

In times of accelerated social, cultural and economic upheaval, how do artists and their artworks reflect on the public life of societies? Do they design proposals, participate, or do they withdraw to experiment with alternative forms of political praxis and analyse "things"?

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Glass Puzzle Joan Jonas, Glass Puzzle, 1973/74 28 June - 1 August 2014

Uri Aran, Andrea Büttner, Joan Jonas, Yorgos Sapountzis, and Mary Simpson

One version of an event is like a body without a shadow. If we flip our idea of the split, from Freud (division from trauma) or Janet (retreat from hysteria), instead of a psychic break we arrive at a fracturing whole, shifting into versions and variations as a natural tear along the lines of the self: a puzzle. A game of mimesis, with rules and logic but no goal. At the start of the game a split occurs, one body-one performer-into two.

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