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Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS presents Saskia Janssen / George Korsmit - Everything is one

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9 July 2016 to 20 Aug 2016
Tu till Fri 11 – 18 h | Sat 13 – 18
Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207 A
1016 LZ
T: +31 (0) 20 530 4994
F: +31 (0) 20 530 4990

Saskia Janssen / George Korsmit, Welcome Stranger (Maureen Boyd), 2015

Artists in this exhibition: Saskia Janssen, George Korsmit, Lara Almarcegui, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Ger van Elk, Klaas Kloosterboer

Saskia Janssen / George Korsmit
Everything is one

Opening 09/07/2016 17-19h

Saskia Janssen and George Korsmit are presenting three projects on which they have worked as individuals and as a team, as well as two new publications.

Everything is One
Janssen produced an LP on which she combined the chants of pilgrims from Tibet with the chants of demonstrators against police brutality from New York. The chanting of mantras in the public space is not everywhere tolerated throughout Tibet, and it therefore becomes a deed of political activism. They could hardly be more different, and it is highly improbable that the two groups will ever meet one another, but their chants share similar objectives such as justice and equality. Janssen unites the chants on transparent vinyl, like a blind date of kindred spirits: pilgrims become demonstrators and demonstrators become pilgrims. A photo of New York’s skyline serves as a backdrop for the LP, a skyline with a ‘shadow skyline’ of found objects: ‘everything and nothing’ in a single image, even though both are made of the same elements.

Welcome Stranger
During a residency in New York, Janssen and Korsmit worked in close collaboration with the residents of Peekskill, a small town to the north of New York City. Based on the African-American history of Peekskill and against the backdrop of the current political climate in the USA, the Black Lives Matter movement and the rise of Donald Trump, they created a work in the public space and five wall paintings in the apartments of Bohlmann Towers in collaboration with the tenants. A publication that documents the time they spent working in Peekskill is being released to coincide with the exhibition.

Flowers from the Cardboard Hotel- Rainbow Soulclub 2005-2015  
The Rainbow Soulclub is an initiative of Saskia Janssen and George Korsmit. Since 2005 they have worked as volunteers at De Regenboog Groep – an Amsterdam-based organization that is committed to helping the homeless and drug addicts, as well as more broadly tackling poverty. At the Rainbow Soulclub they orchestrate encounters between artists, art students and De Regenboog’s clients. Their publication Flowers from the Cardboard Hotel - Rainbow Soulclub 2005–2015 presents a selection from their archives

Exhibition | Everything is One
09/07 - 20/08/2016
Opening: 09/07 17-19h


Exhibition | Escape from Alcatraz

Next to the main exhibition we present: Escape from Alcatraz, an exhibition to celebrate the summer. Situated in the Dolores space at the gallery, the group show will include the following artists:

Lara Almarcegui
Pauline Curnier Jardin
Ger van Elk
Klaas Kloosterboer

Exhibition | Escape from Alcatraz
09/07 - 20/08/2016
Opening: 09/07  17-19h


Summer Cinema | Performance Film Screening 
Tuesday 5 July 2016 at 8.30 PM
Dora García, Just Because Everything Is Different It Does Not Mean That Anything Has Changed, 2008
The stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce, one of the most fascinating and tragic personalities of the revolutionary sixties, visited Sydney on 6 September 1962. He was able to deliver only one sentence from his performance: after saluting the public with the words: ‘What a fucking wonderful audience!’ he was promptly arrested on the grounds of obscenity. Richard Neville, a young Australian who would become the guru of London’s counterculture, saw this brief performance and, understanding the importance of Bruce’s position within the generational revolution that was about to start, attempted to organise a new performance at the University of New South Wales. The Australian authorities would not allow Bruce to perform and he was asked to leave the country, never to return. García has imagined the performance that never took place and for the Biennale of Sydney 2008 she ‘lets’ Lenny Bruce finally speak in Sydney.

More Summer Cinema
Within the ongoing research on performance documentation, the focus will this time be on presenting different approaches to performance films.This Summer Cinema is dedicated to screening a performance film every Tuesday evening in July. 

Please check the gallery website and Facebook to stay updated on the programme.

Summer Cinema | Performance Film Screening
5 July - 26 July 2016
Curated by Dorothé Orczyk


Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Rozengracht 207A
Amsterdam, Noord-holland 1016 LZ

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