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Air de Paris: Fred Biesmans & Jean Luc Verna | François Curlet - 12 Dec 2015 to 30 Jan 2015

Current Exhibition

12 Dec 2015 to 30 Jan 2015

Air de Paris
32, rue Louise Weiss
FR - 75013
T: +33 (1) 4423 0277
F: +33 (1) 5361 2284

Fred Biesmans & Jean Luc Verna
12 décembre – 30 janvier, 2016

Artists in this exhibition: Fred Biesmans, Jean Luc Verna

Fred Biesmans & Jean Luc Verna

12 décembre – 30 janvier, 2016
Vernissage le 12 décembre de 17h à 21h 

Fred Biesmans creates true «ceramic instants» crystallizing some kinds of visions which invite to a dive into miniature worlds referring directly or indirectly to science-fiction. Stonemason in restoration of monuments, he quickly changed to a sculpture practice. At first, he created in different materials such as clay, terracotta, plaster, wood and composite ma- terials sculptures which all bearing the generic name of «Choobas». Around the 2000s, he began designing small scenes in terracotta. With this series titled «Choobaland», he turns to the infinitely small. «She was born, he says, initially because of a lack of space, much like Giacometti who had to emigrate to Switzerland during the war, and had no workshop there so he created a series of sculptures that was able to be contain in a box of matches.»

His works were exhibited including MAC’s in the collective exhibition SF Art, science & fic- tion. Recently, two personal exhibitions were devoted to him Choobaland at Centre d’art contemporain Chapelle du Genêteil in Chateau-Gontier (France) and Fred Biesmans to «Pe- tit Musée» La Chapelle de Verre in Ronquières (Belgium).

Extract from press release of «Fred Biesmans - Choobaland» at MAC, Grand Hornu

Jean-Luc Verna’s work has the particularity of connecting through diverse references the history of art with that of underground rock music; in particular he takes up and displaces elements of intellectual and popular culture and draws a parallel history of contemporary my- thologies. His muse Siouxsie Sioux changed his life the moment he saw her for the first time on one of Alain Maneval’s shows when he was still an adolescent. A large part of his works, and in particular his drawings make reference to this fascination which has become source of inspiration. His body is the backbone of his singular oeuvre, which addresses the phenomena of alteration (tattooing, piercing, makeup) and renders contemporary issues of representation and reproduction. Not without humor, he has courted confusion by giving the same title to all his personal exhibitions since 1995: “Are you not slightly overly made-up?” – “No.”

His works are present in prestigious collections such as MoMA, NY, the Judith Rothschild Foundation, Flourtown, RAM Foundation, Amsterdam, Centre Pompidou, Musée d’art Mo- derne de la Ville de Paris, Mac/Val as well as numerous FRAC. MAC/VAL will dedicate him an important solo-exhibition in 2016.

Air de Paris

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