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Beaconsfield: Mark Dean - The Beginning of the End - 24 Nov 2010 to 27 Feb 2011

Current Exhibition

24 Nov 2010 to 27 Feb 2011

Opening Times: Tuesday – Sunday 11am - 5pm
22 Newport Street
SE11 6AY
United Kingdom
p: 44 (0) 20 7 582 6465
f: 44 (0) 20 7 582 6486

Mark Dean, Love Missile (7" vs 12")
video still, 2010
image courtesy the artist
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Artists in this exhibition: Inger Lise Hansen, Mark Dean, Duncan Whitley, Marcha Andaluz, Monica Ross

24 November – 13 February 2010, All Galleries
Mark Dean
The Beginning of the End

Catapulted into the eye of the art world in the early 90's with his first video work LoveLoveLove, Mark Dean caught the attention of the influential art critic Stuart Morgan, was offered a show at City Racing (1992), a place on the MA course at Goldsmiths College (1992-94) and was a prizewinner in New Contemporaries (1993) – all at once.

LoveLoveLove set the pace for a body of distinctive work that was characterised by the use of appropriated clips – image often lacerated from feature films and sound re-mixed from Pop music – and which focussed on the most fundamental aspects of the human condition. In recent years the emphasis on appropriated imagery has given way to the artist often taking up position behind the camera.

The Beginning of the End offers a pause for reflection and will run across the Beaconsfield site in all three exhibition spaces, featuring the new works Love Missile (7” vs 12”), The Men Who Fell to Earth, Forever (Earlier Attempts), Christian Disco (Terminator) and Open Your Eyes (Syd/Vicious). As an integral part of the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to view the range of Mark Dean’s art works made over the past twenty years, through personal selection. The archive includes the works Dean has made for a number of Beaconsfield projects including Experimental Religion (2008), Crimson & Clover (Version), Rag Doll (Version), Police & Thieves (Version) (all 2005) and Picture In Picture (TyhaerPGincatiurroeDoffoDeorruitacniGPreahyT) (1997).

Mark Dean is a current recipient of a 2010 Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists and on 3 July 2010 was ordained Deacon at St Paul's Cathedral, London. This is the second in the Beaconsfield series Phase, which turns the spotlight on mid-career artists with whom the organisation has had a significant past relationship.


26 October – 19 November, Tuesday-Friday only, 11am-5pm,
FlatScreen, Canteen Gallery 2
Inger Lise Hansen (NO)
Travelling Fields, 2009
S-16mm film transferred to 35mm

Shot on the Kola Peninsular in Northern Russia, Travelling Fields is the third film in Inger Lise Hansen’s inverted perspective trilogy, following Proximity (2006) and Parallax (2009). The films focus on a particular phenomenon occurring through a change of perspective and animated camera movements, as a way of redefining a place and its geography.

Travelling Fields received Special Mention at Oberhausen Short Film Festival and 1st prize ex aequo at VIDEO-EX in Zurick and has been screened at numerous festivals including the London Film Festival Experimenta programme. This will be the first time the work has been shown in a gallery context.

In residence on-site intermittently 2010 and touring 2011
Soundtrap V: Duncan Whitley
Marcha Andaluz

Duncan Whitley’s practice combines an ethnographic interest with a passion for sound in all its forms and nuances. He focuses these pursuits by honing in on particular subjects that are rich in both human and aural data. The Soundtrap V residency has commissioned a score for a new composition based on original field recordings made in Seville. The work will be presented in Spring/Summer 2011 by Beaconsfield in London, The Big Shed in Suffolk and PVA Media in Dorset.

Duncan Whitley is the fifth artist to be commissioned for Soundtrap, Beaconsfield’s annual portfolio scheme for new sonic works.

Monica Ross
Anniversary – an act of memory

Monica Ross aims to carry out 60 solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in alliance with individuals and communities whose organisations and events resonate with the Declaration.

23 October at 7.30pm, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London
26 October at 7.30pm, St Peter’s Methodist Church, Canterbury
Monica Ross, Anniversary – an act of memory in Xenon: an exploded opera a collaborative project by Mikhail Karikis.

28 October 6.30 – 8.30pm, Kings College Chapel, Strand Campus, Strand, London
Critical Reflections: The Universal Declarations of Human Rights with Monica Ross, Anniversary – an act of memory

Act 30 is produced by Evelyn Wilson as part of the LCACE Inside Out Festival, 2010. This marks the halfway point in Ross's intended trajectory of achieving a minimum of 60 recitations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from memory.

The recitation will be preceded by short critical reflections on the contemporary significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by speakers Mikhail Karikis (Artist), Lois Keidan (Director, Live Art Development Agency), Maleiha Malik (Barrister and Reader in Law, King’s College London), Dr. Louise Purbrick (Prinicipal Lecturer in the History of Art and Design, University of Brighton), Naomi Siderfin, (Artist and Co-Director of Beaconsfield) and Dr Jon Wilson (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London).

For more information or to reserve a free ticket:
Anniversary - an act of memory was preceded by rights repeated - an act of memory, produced by Beaconsfield as part of Chronic Epoch, 2005.

bea·cons·field    [bee-kuhnz-feeld]
1. a guiding or warning signal, as a light or fire, esp. one in an elevated position.
2. an open tract of uncultivated grassland; meadow.
3. the central London site dedicated to providing critical space for creative enquiry.

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