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Catharine Clark Gallery: Group Exhibition | Incarnate || Media Room: Kate Gilmore - 7 June 2014 to 19 July 2014

Current Exhibition

7 June 2014 to 19 July 2014

Catharine Clark Gallery
248 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA
CA 94103
North America
T: +1 415 399 1439
F: +1 415 543 1338

Kara Maria, Breast Portrait 7, 2011
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches

Artists in this exhibition: Kara Maria, Josephine Taylor, Kate Gilmore, Damian Smith, Anna Halprin

Group Exhibition | Incarnate

Catharine Clark Gallery presents Incarnate, a group exhibit exploring the theme of embodiment.  The exhibit consists of work by artists Kara Maria, Josephine Taylor, Kate Gilmore, and dancers Damian Smith and Anna Halprin.  The exhibition will feature two benefits for non-profit organizations vastly different in scope and mission, but equally important in their efforts to elevate, express, heal and protect the body through art and activism.

On Saturday, June 7, the gallery will host an auction and fundraiser to benefit “The Uncondemned,” a documentary project by Film at 11.  The evening will feature talks by Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker, co-directors Michele Mitchell and Nick Louvel, and other speakers.  Footage from the film will be screened in gallery and our dedicated media room.  “The Uncondemned” documents the Akayesu Case at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the first genocide trial since Nuremburg. It was one of the first trials to prosecute rape as an international crime in armed conflict.  Patron support at this event will directly fund the completion of this film. Event details
On Saturday, June 21, artists in the group exhibition Incarnate will be present for an opening reception and auction benefiting the Museum of Performance + Design. Incarnate will feature paintings by Kara Maria, large scale works on  paper by Josephine Taylor, videos by Kate Gilmore, and ‘action drawings’ one of which will be created in situ in a special performance by Damian Smith.  In advance of his San  Francisco Ballet farewell, Smith created a tangible and permanent record of his dancing in the form of action drawings—works in which Smith, with toe shoes dipped in liquid paint and graphite, performs a barre, his movements expressed on canvas and paper.  The evening will feature a live performance at the gallery, in which Smith will create a new work preserving an embodiment of his movements.   This drawing will be made available to the public through live auction to benefit archival document restoration at the Museum of Performance + Design.  Photographs and video from the Museum’s collection, featuring Muriel Maffre, Damian Smith and Anna Halprin will be featured as part of the exhibit.

Kara Maria will exhibit work from her Breast Portrait series—paintings of women holding their bare breasts in their hands in what is known as the "Ishtar pose" after the Babylonian goddess. Each painting is based on a photograph that has been given to Maria, or that she took herself. The models in the paintings are virtually anonymous—their faces and full bodies are not shown. The work is about the breasts as symbols of many things; including fertility, sexuality, and disease. More paintings from this series—an on-going project in which the artist plans to complete forty paintings— will be featured in Soft Muscle, a group exhibition at Root Division in San Francisco, which opens June 14.

Josephine Taylor will exhibit large scale works depicting bodies in various conflagrations, both intensely personal and wildly imagined.  Both Sex Monster (2010) and Toenails (2014) are rendered with Taylor’s unique technique of painting with diluted permanent inks on paper. Her most recent painting depicts the autobiographical experience of the artist cutting her father’s toenails days before his death.  The work is an aesthetic expression of an intense, epiphanic moment in Taylor’s life, yet resonates universal themes and reactions inherent in witnessing the physical gore of the body in the process of dying.    A selection of Taylor’s Rug Drawings, a series drawn from memory, with only a night light to illuminate her work, demonstrate the artist’s masterful evocation of viscera, stripped of detail, pared to stark gestures.   A work by Taylor will be offered as an auction item during the June 7 benefit event.

Our dedicated media room will feature an exhibition of Kate Gilmore’s video work which will run concurrently with Incarnate.  Featuring protagonists acting out nearly impossible and somewhat absurd physical challenges, Gilmore’s videos oppugn conventional expectations regarding body, gender, violence and destruction. Her characters exhibit a persistent desire to succeed in the face of challenging obstacles and an ability to cope with self-imposed criteria.  Two of Gilmore’s videos, Built to Burst (2011) and Sudden as a Massacre (2011) will be featured in our dedicated media room.  In Built to Burst, Gilmore uses her body to destroy and transform a sculpture into a 2-D painting on camera. Acting as a force of destruction and entropy, the artist’s aggression raises tension between the viewers expectations of stereotypical female roles and the unexpected aggressive acts of Gilmore—perhaps more masculine and brutal than expected.  The resulting art is as engaging as its unexpected genesis.  Sudden as a Massacre features four women tearing apart a 7,000 pound block of wet clay with their bare hands—their bodies catalysts of order into havoc, raw material into art.  For over a decade Kate Gilmore has exhibited widely across the United States and Europe, Asia and South America.  This is her third exhibit at Catharine Clark Gallery.


Saturday June 7, 5 - 8  pm
Benefit for "The Uncondemned"  
Saturday June 21, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Dance performance and fundraiser for the Museum of Performance + Design    

Both events are free and open to the public.  RSVP requested:

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