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Cell Project Space: is it rude or polite to leave the room? - 1 July 2016 to 7 Aug 2016

Current Exhibition

1 July 2016 to 7 Aug 2016
Open Thursday - Sunday. 12-6pm
Private View Thursday 30th June 2016, 6-9pm,
Cell Project Space
258 Cambridge Heath Road
E2 9DA
United Kingdom
T: + 44 (0) 20 72413600
F: + 44 (0) 20 72413600

Artists in this exhibition: Nina Cristante, Caspar Heinemann, Leslie Kulesh, New Noveta, Camilla Wills

is it rude or polite to leave the room?

Nina Cristante | Caspar Heinemann | Leslie Kulesh | New Noveta | Camilla Wills

Private View Thursday 30th June 2016, 6-9pm,
& Performance by Caspar Heinemann 7.30pm
1st July-7th August, open Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm
Thursday 21st July, New Noveta Performance, 7pm promptly,
with intermittent appearances throughout July. Times to be announced

Last summer I spent a lot of time smoking on the fire escape, but now I have more purpose in my life so I am smoking on the fire escape forever.

A current living condition could be something like: too many ladders to move, like: so many ladders you can’t move around, but still somehow sustain a city circled by bonfires of broken ladders and a force working to maintain maintenance of the same What are the dual encrusted leftovers of an attempt to create something more and more never existing, and yet permanent expanding disarray, despite silent residue remaining fortress, yet infinitely fracturing alternatives to alternatives? THEY TREE CUT / WE TREE SPIKE a hexagonal approach to the conversational sphere - I try to remember what I did before the fire escape - the emotions cutting and spiking in the civil war on power objects symbolising growth or degrowth Substantial quantities of parallel universes legislated out of existence into tidy surround sound semi-detached but yet, DROP OUT FOR WHAT? The episode of ‘How It’s Made’ where the last machine breaks down, quits his job, prints a zine critiquing industrial civilisation Semi- becomes lazily attached to words that are semi-intrinsically binary totalities Semi-Whole Foods A main difference between a yurt and a bell tent is that - At first I only sat on the fire escape twice a day, on breaks, then more breaks, then the breaks became longer than what they were a break from, and ceased to be breaks - a yurt has a hole at the top, that’s where the light enters

Leaving the conversation’s non-place with nothing or perhaps a white flag dyed or red spotted handkerchief or other semi-parallel universals No Self No Care The exact alchemical combination of E-numbers needed to actualise internal harmony and neuter demons There’s no such thing as an outside - The fire escape is within range of the wi-fi - There’s no such thing as a fish Package holidays for gut flora It can be hard to discern the practical purpose of puerile optimism exactly KNOW YOU’RE ENEMY it’s called antifungal therapy and it really works Communism and/or cleaning rotas Reduce Reuse Recycle by any means necessary elements exhausted by Sell-By opposed to Use-By dates governing every instant aliveness Bloody pink beetroots at semi-sub-urban green belt Pick Your Own way out of infinite ring roads For example Convoy culture or biodynamic agriculture or learning to love spreadsheets or whatever it takes to ‘keep the cat in and keep the cops out’ (ghost mice, “SHELTER”) / Semi-universal probiotic naked amoebas eating the paradox of ‘unremarkable’ Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables and the BMI of the North Sea You can only chop a worm in half once because everything needs at least one mouth to feed Double roundabouts Has anyone really been far as decided - I am growing heritage green tomatoes on the fire escape to limited success - to use even go want to do look more like? There’s always an outside of semi-headless men, you just have to draw the line back to where you started How far can we push it I can’t draw the line but I’m excited to see what could BECOME MUNDANE The kitchen party is always better than the main party but when everybody joins the kitchen party is it still a kitchen party? When we make things ourselves they’re not going to look like we haven’t

It’s always either too hot or too cold on the fire escape, but still, fire escapes.

Caspar Heinemann

Nina Cristante's Zao Dha Diet (ZDD) and Fitness Povero (FP) are ongoing projects which take the form of highly individuated nutrition and health consultation systems, as well as videos, music, sculptures, prints and happenings. Cristante will be showing a 'Fitness Povero' workout as part of the 'OPEN WORKOUT' programme at the 9th Berlin Biennale, Berlin. Selected solo and duo exhibitions this year include an upcoming show with Ian Dolton-Thorton at Et Al. San Francisco (Aug16), 'life sport’ at LIFE SPORT, Athens, ‘United’ at The Composing Rooms, Berlin, and ‘hot16’ with Dean Blunt at YEARS, Copenhagen.

Caspar Heinemann writes, makes sculpture and performs her poetry as readings. In 2016 they took part in 'The Peculiar People' at Focal Point, Southend and curated GATHERING PLACE a performance of readings at AND/OR, London. Selected projects include performances in ‘Rematerialising Feminism’, inside Arcadia Missa’s Salon, ICA, London, ‘I Miss You Already’, Harry Burke, Jupiter Woods, and ‘Is The Gaybar a Grave?’, Rye Lane Studios, London, UK in 2014. Recent exhibitions include a solo presentation *nothing is the end of the world they made’, Kevin Space, Vienna, and a collaboration with Adham Faramawy and Jala Wahid, at The Green Ray, London, in 2016.

Leslie Kulesh works across a range of media and was a founding member of the collaboration Auto Italia Live from 2010-12. Solo exhibitions include ‘It’s What’s Inside That Counts’ Et. Al. San Francisco, and ‘Glamourshotz”©®™’, Lima Zulu, London. Her works were exhibited in ‘World Interiors’, Glasgow International 2016 and ‘Vanity Fair’ with Saemundur Thor Helgason, at Project Native Informant, 2015. Selected group projects include ‘CLUB CALIGULA’, Supplement London, ‘Know Thyself, Authenticity & Real? Bodies’ ICA London, and ‘Staying With the Trouble’ The Conch, South London Gallery; all in 2015 and ‘It’s Been Four Years Since 2010’, Preteen Gallery, London, in 2014.

New Noveta are the performance artist duo Keira Fox and Ellen Freed. Earlier this year they presented performance and works for their first solo exhibition, Zene Zelmje, at Sandy Brown Gallery, Berlin. They were included in Glasgow International 2016, performing ‘Chauteaux double wide- 3 Women’, a collaboration with Amy Stickland at Avante garde space and ‘No Nahadou’ with installation at Transmission Gallery alongside Sidsel Meineche Hansen. Alongside club venues, bars and performance festivals New Noveta have performed inside artists’ projects including ‘Strodor Sychan Levon’ a collaboration with Louis Backhouse at Lima Zulu Gallery, London, ‘Fig 2’ part of Oreet Ashery’s ‘Revisiting Genesis’ at ICA, London, and ‘Chavalia Abutak Amethyst, The Museum as Performance programme’, Serrlaves Contemporary Art Museum, Porto; all in 2015.

Camilla Wills lives and works in Brussels. Solo exhibitions include 'BABY DOC Rip Currents, Permanent Dew', Kunsthal Aarhus, curated by Jacob Fabricius, 'Annunciation with nosebleed', Cneai, Paris, both 2016, ‘Licence Licence’, Gaudel de Stampa, Paris, and 'Intolerance', White Cubicle, George and Dragon, London, 2015. Her work was presented in ‘Neo-Pagan Bitch-Witch!’, organised by Lucy Stein and France-Lise McGurn, Evelyn Yard, London, 2016, 'Village, Raise my Child', Treize, Paris, 2016, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2015, ‘All Is On’, organised by Allison Katz, Kustverein Freiburg, 2015, 'Bard Girls Can Fly', White Flags, St. Louis, 2014. She edits the magazine BABY DOC with French writer Laetitia Paviani, and will publish a book of recent texts with Pork Salad Press at the end of the year.

Cell Project Space

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