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Chapter Arts Centre: S Mark Gubb
How Should I Live? (Maybe That’s Not The Question)
- 1 Oct 2010 to 7 Nov 2010

Current Exhibition

1 Oct 2010 to 7 Nov 2010

Opening times: Monday – Sunday 10am–9pm
Chapter Arts Centre
Market Road
United Kingdom

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Artists in this exhibition: S Mark Gubb

S Mark Gubb: How Should I Live? (Maybe That’s Not The Question)
Fri 1 Oct — Sun 7 Nov
Preview: Thu 30 Sept • 6pm

Wim Wenders’ film ‘Wings of Desire’ is a seminal reflection on the nature of humanity, centred on the tension between the film’s heavenly protagonists and their earthly counterparts. Acting as an allegory for some of the big philosophical debates, the film conveys the immediacy of such questions to contemporary existence as life, death, love and faith.

S Mark Gubb’s exhibition is also an exploration on the nature of our very existence. Taking its title from a line in the film, How Should I Live? (Maybe That’s Not The Question), it offers us the opportunity to probe our ambitions, beliefs and values; by asking us to make choices as we navigate our way through the gallery.

The exhibition is an exploration of a kind of naive utopian ideal in which the artist explores, amongst other things, the Costa Rican notion of ‘Pura Vida’ or the ‘Good Life’ as exemplified by the idea that "…if you have a church, a bar and a football pitch then you have a town". This somewhat paradoxical notion – one the one hand so simple and ideal, and yet on the other so potentially autocratic – is tempered by Gubb’s ability to cut across any notions that the journey through life could be without complexity or sacrifice. And so Gubb offers various points of access for the audience, allowing them to engage with the subject and content in several meaningful ways; pulling different aspects in and out of focus so that the response demanded can also tap into the deeper decisions that shape us through life’s journey.

Selected CV
S Mark Gubb was born in Romsey, Hampshire and studied at the Universities of Derby (BA Fine Art) and Central England (MA Fine Art). Exhibitions and projects include ‘Zünderkerze’, Matthew Bown Gallery, Berlin, ‘We Have the Mirrors, We Have the Plans’, Mostyn, Llandudno (2010); ‘My Empire of Dirt’, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, ‘Pura Vida’, Hinterland, Nottingham (2009); ‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow’, The City Gallery, Leicester (2008) and ‘The Death of Peter Fechter’, ICA, London (2007). He is currently working on public commissions for Bristol City Council and The Usher Gallery, Lincoln and a solo show at aspex, Portsmouth.

Wings of Desire, 8 October, Cinema 2, 5pm
Mark is introducing a special screening of Wings of Desire in Cinema 2 on Wed 6 Oct.
Gallery Walk & Talk, 5 November, 6pm, free
Mark will discuss his work with Ellen Mara de Wachter, Curator for Zabludowicz Collection.

Limited edition
To coincide with the exhibition Mark has produced a limited edition print. ‘Free For All Forever’ is in an edition of 15 and available from The Shop priced at £100.00. Printed in collaboration with Print Market Project

For more information about the exhibition, for images or to arrange an interview with the artist please contact the Visual Arts Team on +44 (0) 29 2031 1050 or email

Assembly: Art in the Bar
Casper Scarth

Friday 8 October – Sunday 5 December

Casper Scarth’s surrealist paintings draw on recurring themes, often exploring the loss of innocence, lack of freedom, autonomy of the individual and the hostilities faced in a globalised community. For Chapter, Casper is presenting a new body of work that focuses on the artist’s locality, where public spaces have been transformed into artificial wastelands. The once thriving environments fail to provide inhabitants with their main functions of access, shelter and recreation; instead surrendering themselves to the sprawling flora that surrounds them. The formal structure of Casper’s paintings echo the strange hold that architecture has on the urban jungle through what is essentially the manipulation of nature.

His observational paintings focus on simple form and structure, imitating the proverbial architecture of childhood playgrounds, public conveniences and deserted streets. Spaces once overlooked are abstracted into dreamlike scenes of familiarity; suggesting feelings of confinement and unease. Developing a growing fascination with London’s urban dynamics, social change and architectural regeneration, Casper continues to use his surroundings as the main inspiration in his work.


Casper Scarth was born in 1971 in Retford and lives in East London. He has received BA’s from the University of Plymouth and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam before completing an MA from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. He was awarded the Shawn Memorial Prize for Landscape Painting (1993), following a year spent researching and working in a remote part of the Dartmoor landscape, whole studying his BA. His move to Rotterdam in the mid nineties resulted in a significant transition away from the natural, turning his fascination with the urban landscape into a number of experimental exhibitions exploiting harbour warehouses, the underground and temporary exhibition spacers around the city.

In 2000, Scarth moved to London and set up his studio, where he worked on a number of new works resulting in his solo show, ‘Prime Cut’ in the dilapidated space of Ada Street Gallery (2006). Recent solo exhibitions include Lazy Bourgeois, Celia Johnson Gallery, London (2002) and The Fields, KESTER+BLES Gallery, London in 2010.

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