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Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin : ANSELM REYLE | F.C. GUNDLACH | TWO PALMS - 29 Apr 2016 to 10 Sept 2016

Current Exhibition

29 Apr 2016 to 10 Sept 2016
Tue - Sat 10 – 6
Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin
Am Kupfergraben 10
T: +49-30-288 787 0
F: +49-30-288 787 26


Artists in this exhibition: Anselm Reyle, F.C. Gundlach, Mel Bochner, Cecily Brown, Chuck Close, Peter Doig, Carroll Dunham, Ellen Gallagher, Chris Ofili, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Prince, Dana Schutz


29 APRIL - 09 JULY, 2016

Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to present the exhibition „KERAMIK” with new works by Anselm Reyle.

A solo exhibition in the new premises of Contemporary Fine Arts presents brand new work by the artist for the first time after more than two years. The exhibition shows a series of ceramics by the artist in different sizes, addressing the ill-reputed Fat Lava style, with intense colours and structurally accented glazing, forming a bond between sculpture and painting.

The vases are all handmade in the style of Fat Lava. This term refers back to a particular form of glazing that was developed in the 1960s and is reminiscent of the large pores found in solidified lava flows. These days, however, in professional circles, Fat Lava is now generally associated with West German ceramics from the 1950s to the 1970s, which are characterised by bold colours, striking glazes and experimental combinations using a great variety of forms. After the war, these pieces were for the most part industrially produced – an approach that emerged from the democratic desire for universal accessibility and simultaneously led to an ambivalent situation for the ceramic factories, which now focused on mass production rather than creating elaborate single pieces. Despite their simplified form, streamlined for industrial production, the vases stood out from other ceramics due to extensive research on new glazing techniques and bold colours, which were applied by hand. In addition to the primarily matte dark Fat Lava glazing, orange red, cadmium yellow and cobalt blue are among the colours representative of this style. Contrary to their former semi-industrial origins and short production time, the vases for Reyle's series were created in collaboration with traditional ceramic factories, due to their size and in some cases highly sophisticated processes.

A notable feature is that all the vases have cracks or deformities in the body or neck. Impressed by Japanese ceramics and the philosophy behind them, Reyle appropriated their appreciation of defectiveness. In accordance with the tradition of Kintsugi, a crack or fracture is no reason to discard a piece – rather, it is to be appreciated and preserved in its imperfection. Such flaws are even emphasized. Reyle staged these accidents intentionally, handling the vases before firing them and inflicting almost exaggerated cuts, dings and dents. This can be seen as an example of Reyle's conscious approach with imperfection. It recalls Reyle's now-trademark splotch, which at the time was applied like a signature to his – especially perfectly executed – stripe paintings. 


25 JUNE - 10 SEPTEMBER, 2016

Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to present the exhibition “90 Jahre 90 Fotos” on the occasion of F.C. Gundlach’s 90th birthday.

For his 90th birthday, F.C. Gundlach has selected exclusively for CFA his 90 most important, best, and favorite photographs from his substantial Oeuvre. Thematic fractures, frictions, and surprises are explicitly intended.

Iconic classics from the legendary German fashion photographer are accompanied alongside free, experimental works: one of them a white, contour-less study; a propeller plane, the Super Constellation type, high above the clouds; a camel train striding across the desert; or the timeless portrait of model Karin Mossberg. Important milestones of European post-war fashion photography are highlighted throughout the sequence of the 90 images: Beginning with the journey through Berlin in the 1950s, to the Haute Couture shows of the great Parisian fashion houses – such as Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin and Chanel – up to Prêt à Porter-styles and the trends of the modern 1960s, the miniskirt and the influence of pop and op art on the fashion collections and above all their photographic production. They are joined by photographs which can be understood as symbols of their relative Zeitgeist: A photograph form 1947 in which a friend is captured as a silhouette in the doorway through the darkness of a church in F.C. Gundlach’s birthplace, Heinebach; the first Porsche 911 of the photographer at the beach in Fanø; the impressive architecture of the Cathedral of Brasilia by Oscar Niemeyer; up to the recording of Uschi Obermaier staged with inflatable dolls from a Pepsi advertisement. The photo journalism of the 1950s and 1960s by the globe-trotting photographer is also presented as well as his artist and actor portraits: From Martin Kippenberger to Romy Schneider. The 90 photos emanate from a conceivable variety of contexts. The common characteristic being that the photographer himself has included them in his personal “Best Of” selection. The result is a subjective look at 90 years of F.C. Gundlach, which correlates to the wish of the photographer, 90 years-old and transcending fashion photography with his work. F.C. Gundlach is still convinced that the boundaries between applied photography and photography as an art form is to a large extent taken far too seriously.
 In addition to the 90 photographic works, the exhibition includes a documentary component which, housed in vitrines covers F.C. Gundlach’s diverse biography and in image and document form depicts his life journey influenced by his work, travel and the people around him. It becomes apparent how photography followed him his entire life – from his first photos as a ten-year-old with a self-timer from an Agfa Clack, to a look behind the scenes of his legendary fashion photography, to his time as gallerist, collector, museum director and benefactor.


25 JUNE - 10 SEPTEMBER, 2016

Contemporary Fine Arts, in cooperation with Two Palms, is pleased to present the exhibition „TWO PALMS“ with works by MEL BOCHNER, CECILY BROWN, CHUCK CLOSE, PETER DOIG, CARROLL DUNHAM, ELLEN GALLAGHER, CHRIS OFILI, ELIZABETH PEYTON, RICHARD PRINCE, and DANA SCHUTZ.

Since the mid‐1990s, Two Palms has been upending codified notions of what a print could or should be, and how it could be made, expanding the roster of tools to include their massive hydraulic press, their laser cutters, giving paper an enhanced physicality, constantly embracing new technologies. Simultaneously they have also rededicated themselves to traditional techniques, ever expanding their expertise in intaglio and screenprint, and reviving nearly‐lost mediums, like the Woodburytype. The artworks coming out of Two Palms prove that printmaking shows no sign of waning in the new millennium. The studio embodies the kind of openness and risk‐taking that are the hallmark of all Two Palms projects, and a porosity that represents the next step in printmaking’s evolution: simultaneously relying on and exploding tradition; welcoming the incursion of other mediums and materials; and above all, letting the artist’s vision be the guiding north star.

Alongside classical etchings by Peter Doig and Chris Ofili, the largest space in the exhibition is reserved for monotypes by Mel Bochner, Cecily Brown, Carroll Dunham, Elizabeth Peyton, and Dana Schutz. The artists paint on plexiglass or wood plates, then the image is transferred to the paper under extreme pressure using an industrial hydraulic press. A separate room in the show is dedicated to the works of Richard Prince. These works include Joke on You, a collaged, inlaid joke piece on wood panel, silkscreened collages, a digital pigment print on canvas, and Bad Nurse, a sculpture of satirical pulp fiction nurse novels: the entire Prince universe of the last years is graphically brought together here.

The range of technical print possibilities from Two Palms includes Chuck Close’s Woodburytypes which revive an obscure 19th century printmaking medium. The visually complex works by Ellen Gallagher reveal an artist taking full advantage of Two Palms technical virtuosity. Gallagher’s DeLuxe, published by Two Palms in 2005, is recognized by MoMA New York as a milestone in printmaking development of the 21st century.

We are proud to collaborate with David and Evelyn Lasry as well as with the participating artists for this exceptional project.

For press and image queries, please contact Anna Ballestrem: 

Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin

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