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Banner Repeater: Emma Hart - All Action No Mouths - 4 Dec 2011 to 22 Jan 2012

Current Exhibition

4 Dec 2011 to 22 Jan 2012

Opening night 3rd December 6-9pm.
Banner Repeater
Platform 1, Hackney Downs Railway Station
Dalston Lane, Hackney
E8 1LA
United Kingdom

Image courtesy the artist, and Matt's Gallery, London

Artists in this exhibition: Emma Hart

Emma Hart
All Action No Mouths

Opening night 3rd December 6-9pm.
4th December - 22nd January 2012.

Emma Hart performance: 7.30pm.

Emma Hart's new video work for Banner Repeater considers the structures of the documentary, through an absurdist lense that focus' on the multiple directions of the arrow that weaves throughout her practice.

Approaching from a position of uncertainty through a developing experimental mode of enquiry, Hart attempts, again, to uncover the essential dynamics of the arrow, and why we do as it asks.

Hart will further contribute to the complexities of the on-screen arrows manoeuvres, with an additional voice-over performed live on the opening night.

London based Hart has presented solo exhibitions and performances internationally including at Camden Arts Centre, Cell Project Space, The Whitstable Biennale and Modern Art Oxford. She is currently researching for her PhD at Kingston University. Most recently she had a critically acclaimed solo show at Matt's Gallery, London, where she is represented.

Research journal group: Seminar: Art, the Avant Gardes and Research Programmes, with John Roberts.
9th December 7-9pm

This seminar will discuss some key aspects of John Roberts work on the dialectics of deskilling/ reskilling, as pertaining to certain key transformations in the nature of artistic labour and cognition. The seminar will work in two parts and it would be beneficial to have read some of the key texts detailed on the blog here:, or email

In the first part we will discuss some of the points set out in Roberts recent book; The Intangibilities of Form Skill and Deskilling in Art After the Readymade. We will be concerned with discussing this work in light of its implications on avant-garde models of collaborative, interdisciplinary artistic labour. Particularly, how might we be able to think of socially extended cognition in art, through what Roberts terms a ‘research-model of practice’?

The second part will focus on Roberts recent essay: Revolutionary Pathos, Negation and the Suspensive Avant-Garde. This paper explicates further the 'research model of practice' as set out in The Intangibilities of Form. Here, it is brought into line with the concept of 'Research Programmes', derived from the philosopher of science; Imre Lakatos.

We will be concerned to discuss what a research programme is, and what it might do. What sought of truth-claims are advanced by art? Can art be thought of as advancing propositions, arguing a case, or involving knowledge-constitutive interests? Does art practice by definition, eliminate the scientific method from its procedures? What would have to occur to inaugurate a ‘community for the enquiry’ as distinct from the ‘community for the work of art’?

Roberts, John (2011). Revolutionary Pathos, Negation and the Suspensive Avant-Garde, New Literary History, No 41.
Roberts, John (2007). The Intangibilities of Form Skill and Deskilling in Art After the Readymade. Verso, London, UK. (Chp. 4).

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