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Banner Repeater: On Demand: Workshop 1. Occupying the Space of a television Series - 27 Feb 2016 to 27 Feb 2016

Current Exhibition

27 Feb 2016 to 27 Feb 2016
Sat 27.2.16 2pm-4pm
Banner Repeater
Platform 1, Hackney Downs Railway Station
Dalston Lane, Hackney
E8 1LA
United Kingdom

Suzanne Caines
On Demand

Artists in this exhibition: Suzanne Caines

On Demand

13.2.16 – 1.5.16

ON DEMAND presents an operational environment in the project space for a collective writing, through the hijack of popular television series characters, and an unreliable transcriber. New episodic video works by SD Caines are developed throughout the exhibition for each workshop period and focus.

Workshop 1: Occupying The Space of a Television Series
Speaker: Claire Hope
Texts - Abi Warburg- 'A Lecture on Serpent Ritual'
Jacques Ranciere, 'Sentence, Image, History' p.43-51
Video: Episode 1 - Occupying The Space of a Television Series
Episode 2/3 - Molten Metal/ Oh, We're Gonna Use It.

Texts can be downloaded on the Banner Repeater group page.

In workshop 1 we hijack Holder from the popular US television series The Killing as proxy interlocutor to discuss the selected texts. We will be focusing on how the transition from the space of the television series to the written page via transcription, might permit escape from characterization, and develop subsequent temporalities that can lead to formations of a collective nature.Workshops:We will have read (all or some of) the texts in relation to the focus as per the short description of each workshop. These are loose guidelines on the focus of each workshop but should be thought of as an open space welcoming new contributions.The ‘in production’ workshops are to produce through discussion of the texts and video episodes, new material for publication, collectively authored by those participating. Please note that each workshop will be recorded and transcribed for these purposes. For further details please get in touch with Suzanne Caines at

ON DEMAND examines the roles of the interloper and listener through the act of transcription, employing radical and inventive methodologies through the lens of conceptual feminist practices and their histories, as a dispersed subjectivity unfolds and reconfigures accepted narrative frameworks. Employing the Greek method of Parataxis the 'act of placing side by side'; a literary technique which favours short, simple sentences, with the use of co-ordinating rather than subordinating conjunctions in which two usually starkly dissimilar images or fragments are juxtaposed without a clear relation. Readers are invited to make their own connections implied by the paratactic syntax.New episodic video works by SD Caines will be developed throughout the exhibition period, hijacking characters from popular television series such as The Killing, True Blood and Deadwood, as proxy interlocutors of a selection of well-known theoretical texts, that address ideas of immaterial labour, precarity, and the hijacking of artistic collectivity by cultural entrepreneurialism, with a focus on the processes of a collective textual production.They act as an accumulating catalyst for the three open workshops with invited guest speakers: Claire Hope, Lisa Baldessari and Emily Rosamund. Participants are invited to bring their own narratives, and through discussion generated by the exhibited works, selected texts and television episodes, produce a new textual artwork to act as a catalyst in its dissemination.Blog:Suzanne Caines has participated in exhibitions, residencies and workshops at many international venues including Tate Modern, Chisenhale Studios, Freie Universität Berlin, Transmediale 2006, Berlin, Universities at NSCAD Canada and Goldsmiths University, London. She teaches and lectures in Fine Art across the UK, and Canada.

Workshops – ongoing:

Sat 26.3.16 Workshop 2: Third Space/ Middle Space
Speaker: Lisa Baldessari
Texts: Katherine Hayles, 'How We Became Posthuman'
– chapter 3/p.73
Foucault, 'Discourse and Truth' – The Meaning of the Word Parrhesia p.1-4
Video: Episode 4 - I am Rendered Object
Episode 5 - Third Space/ Middle SpaceIn workshop 2, we will be focussing on the central act of transcribing the spoken, recorded and overheard conversation/discussion throughout the three workshops, which in turn generates new material for publication. Through the selected texts we will focus on transcription as a kind of choreography where the text becomes “estranged” as signifiers and marks start to embody meaning as formal objects in addition to their meanings as words.When the transcription is undertaken by a non-professional, what is lost/omitted, and what is left of the characters on the space of the page?

Sat 9.4.16 Workshop 3: Manufacturing the Neo-liberal Subject & Trixie the Painter
Speaker: Emily Rosamond
Text: Maurizio Lazzarato, 'Signs and Machines' – Production and the Production of Subjectivity/ Between Social Subjection and Machine Enslavement p.23
Video: Episode 6 - The Colonisation of the Spirit. The New Way of the World Manufacturing the Neo-liberal Subject & Trixie the PainterIn workshop 3 we focus on the collective space of writing with our proxy interlocutors of the several television characters and the unreliable transcriber, as an operational environment where we might recalibrate textual memories anew.As the character disintegrates on the page, we will discuss through Lazzarato’s text issues relating to immaterial labour, precarity, and the hijacking of artistic collectivity by cultural entrepreneurialism.

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