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blank projects: KERRY CHALONER - First Time || NICO KRIJNO - Fulcrum Study - 18 July 2013 to 17 Aug 2013

Current Exhibition

18 July 2013 to 17 Aug 2013

blank projects
113-115 Sir Lowry road
Cape Town
South Africa
T: +27 72 1989 221

Kerry Chaloner. Do The Meaning. 2013
Oil on canvas

Artists in this exhibition: Kerry Chaloner, Nico Krijno

18/07/2013 - 17/08/2013

“Feminine painting is propositional rather than assertive, it questions the motive and intent of the making… It is not a question of the decorative or nondecorative, it is a question of the personal and impersonal. Stable and unstable, passive and aggressive, conceptual and intuitive.”[1]

“Does she come with the painting? Because that would be a good deal.”[2]

“The twentieth century has been one of extreme trauma. Aesthetics and the matrixial gaze can play a large part in healing past and future traumas through present occasions of

“Hey lady take me home I’ll eat your ass for R20 anyday girl fuckin’ mooi wit poes” [4]

“I wish I could laugh
But that joke isn't funny anymore”[5]

For this show she pokes a stick at abstract painting in its masculine, modernist hangover. This is accompanied by sculpture, video and installation fallout.

1] Shirley Kaneda, “Painting and Its Others: In the Realm of the Feminine” 2001
2] A visitor speaking to The Gallerist in front of The Artist, June 2013
3] Bracha L. Ettinger in conversation with Griselda Pollock, December 2011

4] A passerby speaking to The Artist, Woodstock, June 2013
5] The Smiths, “That Joke isn’t Funny Anymore” from Meat Is Murder, 1985

Kerry Chaloner was born in 1985 in Harare, Zimbabwe. She has worked as a model, actress, fashion designer and stylist. She studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art graduating in 2012. Since then, Kerry has produced two exhibitions, "MiniMal Jungle" and "This Is What" at EVIL SON in Cape Town. In February this year, she represented EVIL SON at Supermarket Independent Art Fair in Stockholm. "First Time" is her first solo exhibition at blank projects.

18/07/2013 - 17/08/2013

FULCRUM STUDY is the second solo show by Nico Krijno, a sculptor-photographer based in Cape Town. As the title suggests, this exhibition concerns itself with the tension beneath the surface of things, particularly that which underlies the everyday and the mundane. Through a process of assembling found objects and materials and translating these sculptures and installations into photographs, Krijno examines the relationship between the two disciplines and their inherent limitations. The photographic 'still life' studies reveal the purposelessness and absurdity of certain mundane everyday objects when placed out of context and lend them anonymity by creating new roles for them, forcing a conversation that combines irony, humour and melancholy. To this end, Krijno explains, "editing and presentation are crucial in placing nature and our constructed world either in harmony or at odds… I want to show that the truth is not something simple, that there are not always clear and definitive answers."

"Both staged and spontaneous, Nico Krijno's images frequently reference their creation, establishing a new, parallel reality that puts our imagination and our objective perception at loggerheads"
- The Popular Workshop

"[His] dioramas become subjects for formal inquiry. The vignettes that he creates blur the lines between kitsch and classical… The scenes are reminiscent of a Miami patio, a Savannah parlor or a Vegas show – all in bourgeois grandeur" - Leora Lutz, San Francisco Arts Quarterly, online.

Nico Krijno (b.1981, Cape Town) started taking photos at a very young age while growing up in a small town in the South African semi-desert, before venturing to Cape Town to pursue his career in photography and film, using commercial, fashion & architectural commissions to support an independent, fine-art practice. His photographs are at once hyperreal and otherworldly, pointing at the banality of existence through the semiotics of everyday objects, with humour, sexual innuendo and surreality present in equal measure. Raw and magical, the work contains a dirty realism he is beginning to make his own. Krijno's first solo show, 'On How To Fill Those Gaps' in late 2011 - and the accompanying self published book - was widely lauded and selected works have since been included in group shows in Edinburgh, Milan, Los Angeles, San-Francisco, Glasgow & London. He was nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2013.

Exhibitions include:
2011 Chain Mail, groupshow at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles.
2011 On How To Fill Those Gaps, solo show, Museum Gallery, Cape Town.
2012 Across the Great Divide, groupshow at White Gloss Gallery, Los Angeles.
2012 Eyes Closed, Eyes Open, group show at Studio 41 Glasgow.
2012 Pro'jekt LA (Part III): New Research - part of Month of Photography group show, Los Angeles.
2012 Fashionality, group show at Camera16 Gallery, Milan.
2012 Syn/Aesthesia, group show at The Animal Hospital, Summerhall, Edinburgh.
2012. EXHIBITON N°1, group show at Data Gallery, Montreal.
2012 WHEN FORM BECOMES ATTITUDE, group show at blank Projects, Cape Town.
2013 LOW SUBJECT, group show at The Popular Workshop, San Francisco.

blank projects
113-115 Sir Lowry road, Woodstock, Cape Town
Jonathan Garnham +27 72 1989 221
Pierre Fouché +27 72 507 5951

Gallery opening hours: Tue-Fri: 10:00-16:30, Sat: 10:00-13:00.
Closed on Mondays & public holidays.

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