March 2005
issue 3 : FILM & VIDEO
International Film & Video highlights this month



Johanna Domke, you'll miss what's gonna stay.  Videoloop 2004

Art Agents Gallery, Hamburg

Johanna Domke : you ll miss whats gonna stay

The interest in the paradoxical passages of time both in film and video provides the starting point for Johanna Domke’s artistic work. The title of her show, you’ll miss what’s gonna stay, is at the same time the title of the central video installation. The work describes the construction of various levels of time in moving pictures, and makes clear the gulf between standardized time (symbolized by a clock) and subjectively felt time. She shows just how these different frames of time stand in contrast to one another: Universal time lets the past continuously travel into the future, while subjectively felt time is like one’s own rhythm of life, a soundtrack with an irregular beat and a self-altering speed.

Beaconsfield, London

Light silver : Peter Collis

On 26 December 2004, ( without knowledge of the cataclysmic Tsunami on the edge of another continent. ) Peter Collis took a 35mm motion picture camera to the beach in Rye harbour. Using a single, 1000 ft roll of 35mm film, he set out to document a short passage of time as defined by the incoming tide. Using the different functions of the camera, he gradually changed the rate of filming from normal speed to extreme slow motion and then back to normal speed, over the course of ten minutes.

In a seemingly simple act of observation, the chosen moment in time is stretched, instilling a sense of uncertainty and unseating preconceptions about the threshold between land and sea.


Peter Collis, Tide 2005, 35mm/DVD ­ Colour - Continuous

TABAIMO, Japanese Bathhouse-Gents, 2000, video installation

 James Cohan Gallery, New York


James Cohan Gallery is pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition by Japanese artist Tabaimo of two video installations, Japanese Bathhouse-Gents (2000) and hanabi-ra (2002). In her animated videos, Tabaimo explores complex issues in contemporary Japanese society. By combining iconic symbols from Japanese culture with images of the everyday, Tabaimo explores the contrast between the smooth veneer of urban life and the societal changes that have transformed Japan’s cultural landscape. Tabaimo conflates time and history with her use of traditional formats and the palette of Hokusai's ( 1760-1849 ) woodcuts

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam


'Love knows many faces'

". . . you must realise that from what we both have seen, John and Jilly are both very much in love with each other. People call it incest when brothers and sisters treat each other as lovers, but from what I’ve seen, and not only in their case, it is dangerous for anyone, whether parent or relation or outsider, to speak of this, because the division between the feeling of lovers and the feeling of brother and sister, especially in a case like this when they are twins, is a thing so delicate and subtle, and a thing so criss-crossed with emotional complications that it requires extremely cautious and careful handling". [All or Nothing, Page 200](John Cowper Powys)

L.A. Raeven "Love knows many faces", 2005, video installation (DVD/sound)

Sarah Morris, Los Angeles, 2004. 35mm/DVD. Still: Sean Dack

Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York 

Sarah Morris : Los Angeles

In her fifth film "Los Angeles," Morris posits the city as a hyper-narrative within a very distinct duration of time -the city is caught at its most ebullient and narcissistic moment: the week running up to and including the Oscars. "Los Angeles" gives an inside look at an industry that is fueled by fantasy (shots of Botox injections and laser surgery for example are paired with shots of the rehearsals of the Oscars) and the relationship between studio, producer, director and talent is exposed in scenes with legendary producers such as Dino de Laurentiis and Robert Evans alongside numerous Hollywood "A-list" actors.  



müllerdechiara, Berlin : Constructio Infernalis

ROEBLING HALL, New York : The Brazil Project

Christoph Draeger

Constructio Infernalis, a new film and installation by Christoph Draeger in collaboration with New York film director Gary Breslin.

A 30-minute cinematic horror thriller inspired by the failed utopian aspirations of modernist architecture. The film was shot on location in Săo Paulo, Brazil, with an entirely Brazilian cast and crew, including Brazilian horror film legend Zé do Caixao as a terrifying vagrant, and rising star Paula Zwicker as Lucia.


Christoph Draeger: Constructio Infernalis, 2005


Stefano Cagol, Lies, 2004, Dvd-R , 25 min. looped, wall projection.

Platform, London 


In the video installation Lies there is only one element, the Stars & Stripes against a background of sky. In this work Cagol uses the image of an American flag. He removes it from its context, replicates and mirrors it. He crops the image so it appears detached from its usual support structure the flagpole. Now it seems somehow unpredictable, capable of autonomous movement. This newfound freedom and Cagol’s use of slow motion combine to create an anthropomorphic object.

Western Exhibitions, Chicago

Jibangus : The Yungling: SpectRo-Nillion | Paul Nudd : Black Milk

For "The Yungling: SpectRo-Nillion", arts production group Jibangus will world premiere the first cut of "The Yungling"- their three-years-in-the-making sci- fi adventure movie. In "The Yungling", protagonist Roger Elephant, a sad and lonely science lab worker, stumbles into a mystery -- he doesn't know if he is losing his mind or if inter-dimensional space creatures are attacking the people of Earth

Paul Nudd's "Black Milk" (2005), a continuation of his rupturing spastic goo videos, is experienced via a five channel video installation in the Plus Gallery at Western Exhibitions. The "Black Milk" videos incorporate, for the first time in this series, black and colorless sets, object-characters, and in- between juices and fluids.



Jibangus, The Yungling


Film & Video Exhibitons March 2005

Cristina Guerra, Lisbon : Filipa César - F for FAKE : 1 Mar to 2 Apr 2005

D Amelio Terras, New York : AMY GLOBUS: sculpting in time : 19 Feb to 26 Mar 2005

Galleri S.E, Bergen : Video Unplugged curated by Paco Barragán : 16 Feb to 19 Mar 2005

Galerie Grita Insam, Vienna : KARINA NIMMERFALL : second unit : 26 Feb to 9 Apr 2005

Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago : Susan Giles : 4 Feb to 12 Mar 2005


Klagsbrun, New York : HANS OP DE BEECK : 4 Mar to 2 Apr 2005

Moniquemeloche, Chicago : Alison Ruttan - New Video : 4 Feb to 12 Mar 2005

Parkers Box, New York Throb - Video works by gallery artists: 18 Jan to 21 Mar 2005

Paul Rodgers / 9W, New York : Uri Dotan : Unnarrative Spaces : 3 Mar to 9 Apr 2005

Ulrich Fiedler, Cologne : Video Remix : 18 Feb to 23 Apr 2005

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Forthcoming Film & Video Events, March 2005  

Centre of Attention presents A screening of artists films and videos at the Rio Cinema : 12 March 2005.

Curated by Pierre Coinde and Gary O'Dwyer from an open submission, the selection will give you the chance to familiarise your self with the best in contemporary art practice.


The Embassy presents The Shadow Cabinet

An evening of video and performance at Edinburgh College of Art : Thursday 3rd March 05


DiVA presents Digital and Video Art Fair - New York 2005 : 11 Mar to 13 Mar 2005

DIVA is the first art fair dedicated to Video and Digital Art in the United States.

  Prenelle Gallery presents Island Art Film and Video Festival : 9 Mar to 24 Mar 2005

The Island Art Film & Video Festival is the only film festival in London dedicated to showing artists film & Video.