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Ula Einstein

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1.Intricacies - drawing in space
1.Intricacies - drawing in space
In my work with means both formal and familiar, the synthetic and the natural, I am exploring the boundaries and intersection between destruction and creation

The impulse I have is to build, deconstruct and reconstruct. I collaborate with chance, control, and uncertainty.

I employ materials and tools in two ways: using their inherent characteristics, and also in ways that detour and extend from their original function. With invasive techniques such as burning, perforating and and hand blading, I obliterate while simultaneously creating.

My ever-shifting installations are often rooted in the exploration of physicality and immateriality. They consist of fragments made in the studio, created site-specific for exhibition. My abstraction is free flowing; I interact with the space and this dynamic is the guide to making what is happening. My process and surfaces reflect my interest in playing with and concretizing the cyclical nature of things.
Transmogrify II ŠUla Einstein
Transmogrify II ŠUla Einstein
Light is crucial to these drawings. Illumination reveals the delicate layers, and piercings; what is translucent, or in the shadow. This is part of a larger body of work referred to as Hybrid Nature - hand cut and manipulated Tyvek, layered.
Absence/ Presence ŠUla Einstein
Absence/ Presence ŠUla Einstein
Vibrations: Vortex in Orbit 17
Vibrations: Vortex in Orbit 17
Carving Light , detail ŠUla Einstein
Carving Light , detail ŠUla Einstein
Through my meditation and deliberation on chance, control and uncertainty, my work is also further stretched by dichotomy empty/full, conceal/reveal, absence/presence, fracture/whole, static/movement.

Works range in size from intimate to large.

Multiple projects are simultaneously ongoing and I am not locked into any one discipline.

Additive/ subtractive processes are a significant part in exploring positive and negative space, both formally and conceptually.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION; mixed media on paper,
includes fire, wire, thread, ink, watercolor,etc.

1. Intricacies-drawing in space (installation), mixed media
2. Transmogrify II - Tyvek, from Hybrid In(ter)vention
3. Shadowing Nature - mixed media on Tyvek from Hybrid In(ter)vention
4. Absence / Presence, handcut, manipulated Tyvek, layered
5. Scales, mixed media Tyvek
6. Carving Light - hand cut detail, Tyvek
Shadowing Nature ŠUla Einstein
Shadowing Nature ŠUla Einstein
Ula Einstein is a Swiss born multi disciplinary artist based in NYC. (for more images and resume - see my site and the artblogs there
Ula Einstein
New York, NY
New York
North America

M: 212 470-8860

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